Thursday, December 8, 2011


Things weren't seeming right with her the last few days. Thought is was the pain meds - her age- just recovery from surgery. Knew something wasn't quite right though. You know how you just know, especially when you are close to someone. Called her primary doctors office, told of some symptoms and my concerns. My biggest fear was her response time being slow and she was so very sluggish, beyond having knee replacement 3 weeks ago. She had some congestion and seemed to just get tired doing the simplest of tasks. Not like my mom and her vibrant self. Doc's nurse called back and said Doc wants her to go to the Emergengy Room now.

6 hours in the ER and al kinds of test revealed she has pneumonia and fluttery heart issue. They are also running some tests for blod clots and some cell test that I'm not quite sure about, that scares the living fuck out of me. Oh good gawd. Hopefully I'll find out more about today.

 No wonder she wasn't herself. So they admitted her and I will continue on the journey of taking care of my mom with my sis, now again at the hospital. I feel so bad she's going through all this. I hope her little body can handle it.


Bob said...

I'm so sorry to read about your mother's latest complication. Poor thing. Here's hoping everything will be just fine very soon.

ChiTown Girl said...

I'll be praying for your mom's speedy recovery.

La Roo said...

Thanks friends.............Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blogs lately. Just don't fully have it in me. I will someday.....don't give up on me.
Hope all of you are doing well.
Hugs, Laroo