Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paint set up


willadean said...

Tooth lady saying- don't use your teeth!!! have a little pliers on your bench! ;)
i like the paper pallet... i use an old wooden pallet, and i never wash it... i like how it looks all the layers of paint from the years.... but i'm not painting anything like what you do!
anyway, i love the vid. :) have a happy painting day! xxoo

willadean said...

oh and i adore the sweet lil candy corn on the swing. I love the playfulness of your art.

La Roo said...

WillaDean- I do have little pliers in my bag of stuff, but teeth are more readily available. :) I know......bad..
Can we paint together someday, cause I'd love that?
My vids are goofy but Im compelled to do them for some reason.
My favorite part of doing the art is letting my mind go and being playful with all kinds of subjects. I'm glad you like it. It means a lot.