Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I hate to admit it.

Lately, I have been secretly addicted to Candy Corn. All my life I've hated these little nasty fall candies. My last painting included a candy corn in it and I said to myself, Self "I haven't tried those in a long time". So I bought a bag and it's been down hill from there. Who knew I'd really enjoy them now? Everyday I've been indulging in several and I need to quit. Too much sugar, not good for you and the hips and belly. Well it was fun while it lasted.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my hell!! I LOVE CANDY CORN! I've been avoiding buying a bag for weeks now, since, you know, they put the freakin' Halloween stuff out in the stores in July! (ugh!) This week, I actually put the bag in my cart, then walked around with it for about half an hour before putting it back on the shelf. I told myself I would get a small bag at the drugstore, instead of the giant 2 lb bag at Walmart. Cuz, no matter what size I buy, I'm GONNA eat it all! :(

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl- Thank Gawd I'm not alone!
Can we talk about how the Jelly Belly brand ones are a little better than the Brachs.(my sisin law gave me the heads up on this) I could only find them at Marshall's and I've seen them at TJMaxx. They are just tiny bags, but they are just a little better for some reason. If you see some give them and try and tell me what you think. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

I had NO idea Jelly Belly even made candy corn! Yikes! Now I'm gonna be on a mission to find me some! :)