Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Dreamy.

I had nice but crazy fantasy dream last night which included Hubby and a guy named J. 

It started out with a friend named J going a business trip and wanting to come stay with us here in California. It was a no brainer and we said sure. J and his wife were and are a couple we met on vacation. We hit it off with them pretty much right off the bat. 
Anyways, back to my fantasy dream as of last night.............we met J at the airport and took him to dinner.  At dinner we laughed and I kept catching great eye contact with both of the guys. There was an intense vibe almost surreal. I had never felt something like this before. As dinner went on the conversation started going towards sex and what each one of us felt towards it and the likes and dislikes. It was as casual and sensual. We closed the place down with our sex talk and proceeded back to our place. No sooner did we walk in the door we all started shedding clothes. Nobody said a word. It was a go with the flow moment, I guess. Hubby started kissing me and lead me to the bedroom, J followed. Hubby flung me onto the bed and I sat up and the next thing you know I had 2 guys kneeling beside me with hard ons. I sucked and stroked each on of them back and forth for I don't know how long and couldn't believe this was happening. Pretty soon Hubby leaned me back and each on of them grabbed a leg and spread it towards them. I gushed with wetness. J put his fingers inside me as Hubby watched. Then Hubby slid his fingers  into me along with J. They were putting me in a place of pure excitement and it all felt so right............
And then I frickin woke up!!!!!!

(and yes, I was all worked up)

 I know this dream stemmed from a conversation that Hubby and I have had, and it was quite interesting that it panned out into a dream.......A frickin hot dream.


ChiTown Girl said...

You can't just leave us hanging like that!! Go back to sleep and finish this yummy dream, will ya!?

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl- I can't believe I left myself hanging like that. Damn. :)

Bob said...

You can leave me hanging. TMI!

willadean said...

What a yummy dream!! i think you need to take a nap and pick up where you left off!! ;) xxxooo

La Roo said...

Bob- You don't want to know? Awwww. I didn't ever think there was TMI for you. :)

Willadean- It was yummy. Believe me, since then I've let my mind wander minus sleeping and pretty much finished the little adventure in a day dream. I love having a creative mind, or should I say naughty mind?
XOXOX to you.