Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If we like it or not.

Street art is the current art movement and it's hitting with full force. I had written on my blog a few posts back about going to The Geffen Museum in LA to see the street art show. I did like some, but most of it did nothing for me.
The fact of the matter is it is here and will continue. There has always been controversial art and the movements that have come along with those pieces. The worst part of this particular movement is that most  (but not all) of it is done on someone else's property and just basically defaces architecture. It can be graphic names, or a political statement be it a word or stenciling, or even elaborate murals of what is going on in the world. The name of the game is to find the right wall or whatever structure and get in leave your mark and get out.
It doesn't matter if I like it or you like it or how wrong it is. It's happening and like every other venue of art these days, everybody thinks they're an artist. Actually a handful of these street artists are pretty good and the rest to me are posers.
Everybody is trying to imitate a dude by the name of Banksy or Shepard Fairy known for his Obama campaign "hope" piece or his Andre the Giant "obey" piece.

Shepard Fairy

Ok, ok, ok , I'm not done and I'm trying to get to a point here. Let me share something else with you.
This weekend after slaving in the heat doing yard work, hubby says..."you're going to be pissed when you look in the backyard". I went out there and the people directly across from us in the back have decided that they are one of those street art people and just blatantly have decided to spray paint the back of their garage that faces their pool with a stupid (too me) mural. 
Stupid because I chose not to see it and it's peering into my backyard!!!!!! That I have worked for years to get to be our tranquil place. It took them a couple hours to do their thing and WHAAAA LAAAA!
Really? I have to live with the head of a fucking astronaut peeking over my gate and fence.......
Wrong, wrong ,wrong on so many levels.
(click the pic to really get a glimpse)

This is at the gate that my hubby and I designed and hubby crafted with his bare hands, with great thought to match our Spanish style home.
I think the Astronaut lends to the whole motif, don't you think?

So fucking ghetto.

Yes, I have written the city to complain like some old fart lady and already got a response.

We probably should have confronted them first but I really wanted to know if their were any violations here. As of the cities rules, there is not.
I don't mind if that is something they want on their wall but I personally don't want to have to look at it when I'm in my backyard.
We have talked to their next door neighbors that know them and they let us know that is a 26 year old son living there and the parents own it. Next door neighbors don't care for it either and are going to try to get in touch with the parent/owners to see if they know about it.

We'll see!

I have no idea why there is white on the back my blog right now.

If you want to know more about street art check out this movie:
Exit through the Gift Shop.


Bob said...

When it comes to stuff like this you can either walk with it or roll with it. Look at it this way, what's on the wall could be a lot worse.

You could return the "favor" by posting a large mural of your own on a wall or even on the back your gate. :) Tits anyone?

Do you think the neighbors will have you over for dinner sometime?

Jeff said...

Agree, what's on the wall could be worse.
Not my cuppa tea though.

La Roo said...

Bob- No pun intended ...I'm sure. :) Tits.?......Hmmmmm would that be punishing to the neighbor?
We are not saddling up at the diiner table over tube steak and chips aytime soon with them.

Jeff- I know it could be worse, it just sucks it's behind my house. Ya know? Thanks for dropping by. Come back anytime.
I peeked at your Urban Observation blog and it's pretty great. I want to check out your others when I have time.