Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Street Art at the Geffen

These are a couple pieces that I actually liked at the Street Art exhibitoion at the Geffen Museum in LA.
And these aren't even really what I would consider street art (that's probably why I liked it).  :)
It was a graffiti show and most of it sucked and a handful was pretty good in my book.

Street Art or Graffiti is the movement right now and I'm ok with it as long as it is credible and isn't done on peoples personal property. Also, some of it is pretty well crafted while a huge portion is just plain crap. The problem of having this exhibition at a well known museum such as this somehow now legitimizes bad behavior. I'm sure these are the types of things that have been said about all different social issues that life has brought the different generations.

I'm old..........Damn kids.

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La Roo said...

If this whole movement has any interest to you at all check out the movie.

Exit through the gift shop.