Monday, August 8, 2011

My new fave

Imelda May
Song: Mayhem

I like her because she has the whole rockabilly thing going and sounds quite a bit like Gwen Stefani.
A winner winner chicken dinner for me.

I recently saw her on a TV show as a guest singer. Don't ask me which one because I totally forgot. 
From the first couple notes and verses I was sucked into her music and took mental note, because it was late at night and I was falling asleep. Hmmm so obviously it was one of the late night shows. 
Anyways woke up and told hubby about her, we checked her out and bought the album on iTunes.
My new fave.
Just sharing.


Bob said...

Reminds me of that stuff Lawrence Welk used to play on his TV program. Fun!

La Roo said...

Bob- Nah, Lawrence Welk ....Really?

C said...

WHOOOOOAAAAAAA! didnt expect such bright colors on yo blog, sistah!

me likey, though.

i got a job and start next monday! yeah!

take care hon.

the-curmudgn said...

I bet you saw her on Jeff Beck's tribute to Les Paul, which aired not long ago on PBS. That's where I saw her.