Sunday, July 24, 2011

What more could you want from a fair?

 A kiss
 A girl
 A boy
A turkey
A couple ribbons

Orange County Fair 2011


Bob said...

What more? One kewpie doll, two cotton candys, three rides on the ferris wheel (cop a feel and a BJ), four corn dogs, five tall Buds, and a partridge in a pear treeeee!

An Artist Exposed said...

So pleased for you - and richly deserved; it is a magnificent and important painting!

La Roo said...

Bob- Oh those are fun things too! I want a Kewpie doll!

I did ride home that night with my dress pulled down below my boobs. Fun... but nobody could see anyways it was dark and nobody was looking. Hubby liked it and kept copping a feel. :)

An Artist Exposed- Nice to see you back. It's been a while.
You are very kind, thank you for the nice words.

betty & wilma said... bout a carousel ride on a pony that has a stiff penis for a saddle...? hmmm?

i changed my addy, laroo... come see me...