Sunday, July 31, 2011

Does art imitate life?

Evidently my computer won't video for more than a minute and a half, without cutting me off. (fuck!)
(maybe it's telling me shut up!)
So I would've tried to put it all into one 5-6 minute video, but I'm lame and it keeps shutting me down and I can't figure it out. (I'm the farthest from being techy and don't get this shit.)

So please take a moment and let me bore you for 4 separate videos.             I'm a giver.

I just ran through it real quick and......
Oh fuck shit sakes....I didn't load them right and I'm not redoing.
They are loaded         #1   #3   #4   #2
You figure it out.


Bob said...

Just got off of the phone with my friend Art. He said to tell you that life is not imitating me. Nothing can be that fucked up. .. or so Art says.

Bob said...

Opps, change that. . . "He said to to tell you that life is not imitating HIM!"

Too early. Can't see and I need that first cup of Joe.