Monday, June 6, 2011

What box did you sport for lunch?

I had or should I say, I have this killer lunch box. It's in the keepsakes box. It no longer has the glass thermos that it once did. I think that to many games of Bowling For Dollars in the hallways took care of that.
I loved this thing. I thought I was the shit the first day it went to school with me. My mom would make me bologna sandwiches with butter on white bread, send a no name plastic juice bottle with the foil cap and Nilla wafers. I was always trying to trade. Oh good gawd it was nasty! But it was made with love. To this day if my mom and I are in the kitchen making a sandwich, she always asks me if I want butter on it. I always say politely with a grin on my face, no thanks mom.


Bigger said...

I had a puppy pound plastic lunch box. But I ate mostly school food. I did not get the name bigger from being picky about what I ate.

Bob said...

What box did I sport for lunch? Well, in high school the box lunches name was Susie. I hit it high and I hit it low during the noon hour. Loved those Susie nooners. Wifey cooks up a Texas style box lunch whenever I'm a hankering for it. Never had a box lunch I never liked.

La Roo said...

Bigger- Rabbit turd pizza, slimmy mac and cheese, tater tots, and little chocolate can't beat it.

Bob- I had a feeling this would be your type of answer. Scary knowing what you are thinking, huh?

Bob said...

I'm going to have to change up and surprise you, my dear Roo-la-la.