Sunday, June 5, 2011

Never say never

I wore this for this "sexy lingerie" night at Desire.
Black and pink sheer dress number, frilly laces sit a top the breasts.
It was a hit. Who new a little outfit could be so much fun?

It's funny to be naked all day then dress to go to the club at night.

I can't say I've ever been able to wear things like this with confidence, but I rocked quite a few outfits that were just me.
My goal was to just be different. That's me. I can't wear the little trendy sexy attire. I went with the vintage / burlesque look. I think it worked for me. It was odd being the only one dressed in such a way though. Oh well, it is what it is.

I did have some really great experiences including kissing girls, touchy feely girls, some really great sex talk, I gave a guy a blow job (not hubby), and someone went down on me (not my hubby), My better half had the same experiences (as we were playing with a couple), had some knock out sex with my hubby, and played wing woman for my hubby.
I have learned more about myself and my marriage and what communication and open dialog can do to strengthen us.

To have to come home and resume everyday life is and has been difficult. I want to shout to the world about the great time and the new experiences we had. But that's not going to happen, so you the bloggers will have to be my sounding block as usual.
I'm pretty sure 99% of the people we know, if they knew, would think we are freaks. Maybe we are.
We did not just jump into this overnight. This has come about because we are a strong couple and we live most of our lives going against the grain. We hate being the same as everyone else and pride ourselves on making decisions that suit us, not everybody else.

I am a sexual being, but if you were to ask me or confront me about this several years ago...I would have thought it absolute craziness. Because I was not aware of myself , my capabilities, my hubbies capabilities and or limits and was to afraid to know. Somewhere along the line we have become aware of ourselves and our wants and needs. Being aware and talking about it can feel very intimidating especially when you love is as deep as ours. In no way do you want to compromise anything. But you know, in order to live life to the fullest you can't compromise yourself either. It's such a fine line to walk. I guess when the time is right, you go ahead and ride on the fact of the strength you have as a couple (even if you might not act on something). When the dialog is out in the open it is incredible how freeing it is.


An Artist Exposed said...

a lovely uplifting post. You look great and have found and celebrated your sexual self :)

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm glad this was such a freeing experience for you and hubby. You look great in that outfit, by the way. Your legs are killer!! So sexy!

Bob said...

Help me out here. There's a story floating around in Cowtown that there's this dude who practically lives at Desire. He hits on all the ladies. All of them. At least only the good looking, knock down drop dead killer looking ladies. Good kisser. Gives and gets a lot of oral. When it's all done (yeah, "it") he sticks his finger in everyone's butt and then splites. . .. yeah, every lady he romances the bone with. Get it done and ZING! goes the finger in the butt. He's kind of like Zorro. . . .you know, Zorro left his mark of the Z with his sword. Sometimes on walls, in the dirt, on someone's body. . . .maybe on their butt. . . This guy is kind of like Zorro but only with his finger. Ask anyone about him. Everyone knows about the Finger Guy at Desire.

Did you hear about this during your stay at Desire?

The world according to Gaz said...

Sounds terrific La Roo

La Roo said...

An Artist Exposed- Thank you. I'm really feeling pretty good in life at the moment.

ChiTown Girl- You are the sweetest! Yay! It's fun to feel free! Who knew??

Bob- Yeah I think I might have ran into such a character. He does get around. :)

TWATGaz- It's was pretty terrific............