Thursday, June 30, 2011

This song just does it for me.

It might be wrong in other eyes, but this song makes me feel all spirtual and sexual at the same time. Not religious, but spiritual. Certain songs make you just want to take off your clothes and roll around in a grassy field with the one you love and skinny dip in a river.
That's where my mind goes when I hear this song.

This part below oooooooh gawd. My take on it is probably much different than it's original meaning.
I would love to tie him to a kitchen chair, show him who's boss and through my lips make him say hallelujah.


I know the river...... (pic taken in Bishop, CA)
Got the guy.....maybe I could just tie him to a rock.............

Just play that song and who knows what will happen!


willadean said...

omg---- i totally feel the same about that song!!!! have u heard the version by jason castro??????? its amazing-- ill put it on repeat for an hour!!!

Johanna said...

Or this one - the original, the songwriter, the Man:

La Roo said...

Willadean-We click, huh?
Yep, Jason Castro, I totally went and looked at his utube video cuz I forgot and it does it for me also.

Johanna- welcome to my blog. You haven't been here before, right?
Anyways, I didn't know Leonard C was the original songwriter. Just recently have I got to know a little of his work and he is pretty amazing. Thanks for clueing me in.

C said...

oh laroo, long time since i came here.. sorry toots. nothing personal, just took a break from blog world.

i too feel exactly like you when i hear this song. i first heard it in the shrek movie of all places!!! then i found out jeff buckly sang it, i have heard many versions of it and i LERVE them all. thanks for posting it!

since i've gotten to know you a little via blogger, i have seen you and hubby grow SO MUCH in your relationship, and i am happy that you guys are happy. kissing girls doesnt make you a lezzy, like i am, lol, but the kisses are so soft, and so are the "other" lips if you know what i mean. it's a whole different world to be in a womans' arms. i hope that is what you discover!! take care, toots, k? i wont be away for so long next time.