Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I feel bad

Because I am the mother of a wiener dog and a bird and because my husband is a sweet man, I was given these beautiful flowers.
We celebrate mother's and father's day with some kind of little gift or a card.
Anyways, I love flowers but I have always had a hard time with them because they smell like a funeral home. It's a very distinct smell and it is one that is ingrained in my brain (or nose). It can be a trigger for me and kind of bring me down. I know it is a weird thing because of it just being a smell, but our senses hold a lot of memories. The smell of a certain perfume or clothes or someones home can bring you right back to a certain time frame in your life.
These lovelies stayed in our house a couple days and the smell was really just to much for me. Now they reside on our patio in the backyard.
I feel bad because someone goes out of their way to do something nice and then I put their gift outside.
Sorry , Honey.


C said...

i am the same way, i have never enjoyed getting flowers. i tell people that i however, would LOVE a nice little plant for indoors or out... they dont die on ya and they dont remind me of death.

Bob said...
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