Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh those silly Europeans!

I find myself giggling every now and then about what a friend of the family said to me about a week ago.

Friend- You guys are going to Cancun pretty soon, huh?

Me - yep.

Friend - Your not going to one of those nude resorts are ya?

Me- (sarcastically, to throw him off ) Yes, that's where we are going.

Friend- You know we stayed in Cancun and there was a nude beach and you know you couldn't even tell the men from the women because they are so tan.

Me- Really? (wanting to just bust a gut)

Friends wife- Yeah, he couldn't stop staring at them as we walked by.

Friend- Yeah those Europeans like to be naked.

Me - Yeah those Europeans..........

Just funny.
(we waved and said hi to many of the gawkers as their wives gave them the shit eye and drug them off by the ear.)

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weeder said...

We were in San Jose del Cabo back in January. Didn't see one single bare boobie the whole time we were there, except for my wife's of course. Temptation Resort was two doors down, but even there they seemed to keep covered, at least out on the beach. We've been to resorts in Cuba a few times, and thankfully many women there like to bare their breasts. Gawd, I love boobies....