Friday, February 11, 2011

Palming, not pining.

Pining for the day we go back and sit on the beach and do nothing. Pining for the day we meet back there with our friends. Pining for the days to have tropical sex. Pining for the evenings that are warm and last forvever. Pining for the days of the big decision being, lay by the pool or at the beach.

(My chair looks kind of perched up there like a monument, huh?)


Jim said...

I envy your lifestyle.

Rockstar said...

Hey LaRoo> Wow - your boobs look great! Going there ourselves soon. Maybe we'll run into you and who knows what might happen then! (cool chair-looks like a mountain bike)

La Roo said...

Jim- Wow, who'd a thunk? Really?

Rockstar-Thanks, your ass looks great. Wow you're going to Cancun too? Cool.
You should see the spokes, they would really amaze you.

Bob said...

Here's the deal....just don't think once a year for a week. . . think living there full time. You could paint and sell your art on the beach. Hubby could do stuff like maybe run a Chicago Weenie Mexican Style hotdog cart. You could make a living. . . sure, you would.

Make a plan. Do it. Don't live and dream for one week a year, kid. You could be butt naked sitting in the sand 24/7. That's what I think.