Monday, February 21, 2011

Just butt a moment

After a trip to one of our local favorite sex stores yesterday, this is what I ended up with. The Flirt (the black one). It's a Tantus product that is supposed to be one of the best for cleanliness and last forvever supposedly. I spent quite a while trying to decide which one to choose. It was a Goldilocks moment...too big, to small...ya know.
I did the enema thing, and later in the evening we got sexed up and of course that came into play. We had purchased a suggested lube called Gun Oil (which still makes me laugh). So during a heated moment the lubed plug was slowly inserted and at first was a little tough to get in. The plug was a little sticky if that makes sense. More lube and all was good and slid right in and "Oh my god"!!! drove me straight up to the roof. But as soon as it went in it pretty much popped out. We pushed it back in and it popped out again. A little frustrating because I was hoping for something that would pretty much stay put. At the same time the feeling was incredible and absolutely what I was looking for. Especially when hubby says turn over and held it in while he proceeded to fuck me doggy style (my favorite position anyways) That just threw it over the top, having the butt plug in my ass and him in my pussy. All ended up well and can't wait to try it again.

So, as fun as it was and crazy feeling as it was, I have to say I'm a bit bummed. I'd been looking forward for a while now to just being okay with the whole butt play thing and had some expectations. I was really hoping for a plug that would stay in until taken out. The whole popping out thing kinda bugged me. Because unless we are doing it doggy style and he can hold it in, it's going to pop out. I also wanted it for when I masterbate to be able to just put it in my butt and be able to do other things. Even maybe wear it out under my clothes. With this particular plug, that's not going to happen. Which was a little bit of a bummer since we did spend around 40 bucks for the sucker. I think I need to get one that has a more mushroom shape ad skinny type shaft. Hubby says ,"just go buy another one," I'm not ready to do that until I can find the right one.


Anonymous said...

The wife has a butt plug I have used on her. The one we have would stay in. I think the difference is the circumference. You need a circumference when fully inserted would keep the butt plug in but allow your hole to grasp firmly around a narrower neck. It would be more uncomfortable going in but would not pop out as you are experiencing. It would also be uncomfortable when being removed.

The question would be how to determine the proper circumference. I think your statement about a mushroom with a skinny shaft would be best, just need to determine the size of the mushroom.

Try a taper vibrator/dildo to determine your comfort zone. When you feel the slight bit uncomfortable, then that might be your desirable maximum circumference.

You asked how I felt when I was a teenager and being fucked by the guy I worked for. It is hard to describe. I could not tell my parents hat was happening. I was not close enough to confide in them.

I did not necessarily hated the feelings and relationship, but did not want to be considered to be a queer (that was the term when I was a kid).

Females still turned me on. Men did not turn me on. Sex with Bill was enjoyable but not something that I searched for. Later in life, I had additional sex with guys. Mostly receiving blow jobs.

When I married my second wife, she told me she had a fantasy seeing two guys together. I told her about my experiences when I was a teenager. It was a turn on to her. We had several MMF threesomes where she watched me with the guy. It was a very erotic experience.

I hope I was able to help you with your butt plug.

Bob said...

Somebody has to lighten this up a bit. .. can't take life or sex too seriously, it might as well be me to put an ass eating grin to your face. Here goes:

"I like anal sex, if you please
Said Ginger while down on her knees

I'm firm and I'm tight,
I'm an utter delight!

And I promise that I won't cut the cheese!"

La Roo said...

Jim- Thanks for all the info. Very nice of you. I'm going to wait a bit before I get another plug. I will definitely research it more.
Also, thanks for sharing some of your bi sexual encounters. I wish more people would be more open to their sexual needs and wants. And realize therei is no right or wrong.

Bob-You definitely lightened it up and brought a big smile to my face. You are such a poet. What a charmer.