Monday, December 13, 2010

The warmth of my heart

This is something I staged for my current painting that has hearts hanging in hammocks. It's a memorial piece that someone has comissioned me to paint. I'm honored to be doing this piece. I made hammocks using christmas decoration netting, dowel, and string. The heart was something my mom made me years ago for my bed. The candle is just a birthday candle affixed on the dowel with earthquake putty. This tree is accompanying the back drop you see in the previous post. It takes time to work this all out to get perspectives right and make it somewhat believable.


Bob said...

Could you please reserve one of those parking spaces for me. .. I'd like a special place to park when I visit.

La Roo said...

I can reserve this parking space (i guess), but this was
about 2 miles from my home. It would be quite a walk.

I saw this tree in the passing and it fit my criteria for what I was looking for. Yes, it had to be a certain kind of tree. Short enough to be able to hang them in, but beefy enough limbs to make it look mature. A short trunk so the hearts would be around eye level. There actually is thought put into this stuff.

C said...

very nice piece... romantic and sexy.

i want to wish you and the hubster and yours.. a very merry christmas laroo, may it be filled with all the peace, good health, and love you guys deserve.

hugs to you!