Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I wonder if this bed is feeling like I did this weekend. All tied up.

The feeling I got when I saw this picture was how magical and surreal. I truly did think, "wow" this bed is in bondage.
My favorite part is the nightstand lamp hanging from the pully. Ok ok ok and the ropes.

This has inspired me for a future painting.


Bob said...

Ever roll out of bed in the middle of the night? Speaking for a guy who was assigned the top bunk as a wee lad how well I remember waking up and realizing I was in mid-air having just rolled out of bed. Thud!

marquisdgore said...

While that is indeed an idealistic, relaxing setting, I would think you'd be less worried about rolling out of bed and more concerned about the apparent poison ivy creeping up that one trunk.

I still bear the scar on my chin from catching my foot in my loving mothers tucked in covers and falling face first from the top bunk to a hardwood floor.

At least in this picture it looks like it would be a much softer landing.

Crash said...

Hey Roo, I just wanted to stop in, get mildly aroused and say happy new - I've managed both those things, so mission accomplished - lol, be safe, have fun, hugs to you and yours ...

La Roo said...

Bob- I'm not sure if you would even hear the thud cause it's looks to be up very high. :)

Marquisdgore-I like that it's so thought provoking.
Wow !!! You and Bob belong to the same club.

Crash-Just mildly aroused? :)
Happy New Year friend.

eva said...

that is such a fantastic picture!! i am stealing it and will probably re-blog.. consider yourself warned. Everyone needs to see this!