Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gallery or No Gallery

About a month ago we received our 30 day notice that we were to vacate the space our art gallery is in. We basically were on a month to month lease(killer deal) that was only supposed to last several months. Well 2 years later, our run has been great. The owner let us stay a couple weeks longer because the new tenants didn't plan to move it until the beginning of the year. When we found out about a month ago of or outage, we were also told that they wanted us to still stay on this same street and they would find a building for us to inhabit. They showed us a space during that time and that's where we thought we might end up. It needed a lot of work but we were ready to roll up our sleeves and do what we needed to do. Even know this is a pretty happening street, where this particular place was not in a real visible spot. Since then we've heard nothing about it. We've inquired about it several times and nothing came about. When we got our 2 day notice the other day, not a peep about moving. So today I went in to work for the last shift I anticipated all the rest artists coming in around 4pm to clean up, take down art, and take shit out. Basically, at the final hour, hubby got a call that they wanted to give us a space only 5 doors down from our current gallery. It is in a prime spot, needs only a little work, and is bigger. Wow! We didn't see that coming!! I had convinced myself it was pretty much over and had come to the conclusion that I needed to find a different avenue to show my work. So, needless to say we picked everything up and walked (rolled) down to the new space and plopped it down. So, now we are in fix up mode ....painting huge walls (like 20ft tall), cleaning, taking down shelves, rearranging, getting a sign made, change insurance, get Internet, and just all kinds of stuff you need to start up a business again. Hopefully we don't kill each other in the process. Everybody has their opinions on what should be like what. I'm hoping to get a voting system going for all these new decisions. I think that is the only way it's not one sided.

Old gallery is where the car is parked in front of. New gallery is where the dress shop is with orange awnings.


ChiTown Girl said...

Congratulations! I think this will be a great way to start the new year. New year, new space...sounds like a plan!! Good luck. :)

Bob said...

Santa's holiday present was a bit late but at least he came through. HOHOHOHOHO!

marquisdgore said...

While democracy can be a wonderful thing, ultimately it comes down to whose name appears on the lease for final decisions. They are the ones that will be held responsible to the building owner. I think you're all very lucky to have such an agreeable owner willing to help you like that.

Do you get all 3 floors or is the upper part rented out as apartments or something? You said 20 ft. ceilings, so that takes up 2 of the floors.

Good luck in your new space.

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl - Thanks, we're excited!
Happy New Year to you.

Bob- And all this time I thought I'd been naughty. :)

Marquisdgore-That would be our name on the lease. It's a different situation than most, so there are others t consider. Yes, we are getting a deal of a lifetime. I believe he rights it of on his taxes. So we are very lucky.
There is a loft above us. Yep 20ft ceilings.

C said...

well it is a new year and maybe you are meant to move for a reason... follow the energy and see where it takes you! best of luck this coming year.. may you prosper as much as you can handle. i think your gallery will do awesome!!!