Friday, October 1, 2010

I hate bumps!

They are everywhere!!
Ahhhhhh. Who the hell decided to put these bumps on everything!
I have heard they are for the blind and I am sypathetic to this issue but these bumps are too much. Whom ever thought this was a good idea needs to be shot.
My front wheels on my wheelchair are rollerblade wheels (really, they are). try to navigate with anything on your lap such as groceries, art supplies, a purse......etc. down a ramp that has these on it.
Hello!!!~ Anybody??? Why?
You know I don't normally go all ADA (american disabilities act) ape shit, but navigating them all the time is getting to be a pain in my butt.
I had to vent.


Bob said...

"Bumps" are bad enough to navigate with a shopping cart full of bags that could easily tip over or fall out given the right shake, rattle or roll.....I can't imagine what it would be like free wheeling over those puppies in a chair. Frankly, were I you I'd be pissed and make a lot of noise to someone about a complaint to the government regarding my civil rights being violated visa vie the stipulations within the ADA. Free and easy access ---that's all ADA. It may be free access but it ain't easy, girl. File the complaint or a class action suit.

momentextase said...

Vent away, I can empathise. However:

"Tactile Warning" or "Detectable Warning" systems for the blind and visually impared have been in development since the mid 1960's and have been in formal testing for the last decade in nearly every Western country.

These systems have been the object of much formal public comment. LaRoo, the objections you have are known and have come up in every public comment session. The current "bumpy" design has been shown in real world tests with real visually impared people to be the most dectectable, both both tactilely and auditory. (Yes, some blind people can have tactile as well as visual imparements-but they can "hear" when they are on these bumpy mats.) It is recognized that Tactile Warnings can present tripping, slipping, and wheelchair navigation hazards.

The real problem here is that what is a boon to people with one type of handicap, can be a problem for people with another type of handicap. The current design is the best compromise so far, but research continues.

As to the When, Why, What and How of this issue, see:

Hope this provides some perspective, this issue is only simple when looked at from just one viewpoint.

annalise said...

well, i think it's been covered, very well.

wow, cool, rollerblade wheels! i could see u go all roller derby queen for like a new look. if u don't have the tats, u could get some awesome fake ones, like a "POW!" on the top of ur titty cleavage, oh oh, wear ur striped socks and some little cut off jeans shorts and like snarl,at the bumps, and maybe whoever, like the meter person giving out tickets. yeah, and get some manic panic in plum and raspberry and do some wicked streaks in ur hair... well, i could go on, but u get the picture. i have deep purple and raspberry streaks right now ^_^

Bob said...

Why do I get goose bumps reading about these bumps? Hmmmm....

At least they're not yellow.....

La Roo said...

Bob- I'm not the file a class action suit kind of gal. That's kind of intriguing that you get goosebumps over these bumps. What else finds you with chicken skin?

Momentextase-I know you can't please everyone. There are so many different kinds of handicapped issues. I was just frustrated and I need to tell myself they are for the better good for someone other than myself. In the big scheme of life I can deal with stupid bumps if it makes it easier for someone else. Like I said, I'm not one to go all ADA but I had to navigate them a lot the other day and it was just getting on my nerves. They are very trecherous and if I'm not on my toes (so to speak) I would be chucked out of my chair. Every now I then I must vent about dumb stuff like this.

annalise- You have such great ideas. I want to hang out with you.I want to see your hair it sounds very cool.

annalise said...

awwww thnx! yes! we would have loads of ideas! all scandalous!!!!! ^_^

if u do decide to get some manic panic have someone help u with it, that stuff, gets everywhere!!!! and i mean everywhere, yikes! like ur ass crack could get dyed!! ggg, actually it's kinda cool, a raspberry stripe down one's back from the nape of one's neck disappearing between one's nether cheeks... it could become a game ^_^ and u could have a matching tail... ggg, and it's only veggie dye, so u'll live! ^_^

oh, u asked earlier, dancer... classically trained (lotsa ballet), now mostly modern, contemporary and hip hop, i know right! foshizzle homeskillet, 4realz gurl! currently in a company and teach and always taking more classes.