Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A donut and flamingo

Donut and coffee are in, and wallpaper is on its way. This piece is only on it's first go around. The depth isn't quite there. Most pieces have several layers and are painted even after they appear to be done. You can't see it, but the first coat is pretty thin and anemic. I want it to go faster than it is. I need to get my butt off the computer and keep painting.


Bob said...

You mentioned that you have to get your butt off of the computer and start painting.....you put your butt on the computer, Laroo? Pray tell, what happens then? I've heard of some people being able to use the computer using their feet but inputing with your butt? I need photos, girl. This I have to see.

It probably goes like this" Let's see now, left butt cheek takes care of letters T through B ...right to left. Right butt cheek does letters Y - N - - - left to right. Ready. Set. Input!!

OOOPPPS! Made a mistake!!! Damn that hemrrhoid!!

La Roo said...

Bob-Yes, Bob these cheeks are amazing at typing. The talent I have is unmeasurable. But the cheeks are not equal. The right one is a speed typer and the left one is more of a hunt and peck kind of bun.
Now that you know my secret talent, what is yours?

Anybody else have talents we need to know about?

Bob said...

You've got a hunt for pecker bun? Yo, mama! Now that's talent.

Sequoia Redd said...

ugh! I love your work! your art is so cool!

paint me something please! :-P