Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blue Tape

I liked the feeling of pulling this off. Maybe next time I'll try a stronger stickiness.


ChiTown Girl said...

LOVE the new header photo! So sexy!

Bob said...

You're wearing this for Halloween, aren't you? Sweetheart, you can trick and treat at my house any time of the day or night.

Bigger said...

I love the new look. The pics are, well I cant think of a word they are soft naughty. I dont know I think they are beutiful art.

Out of the pics the one thing I spoted was the 6 pack on the wall. Is that Corona?

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl- Thanks it's a little big. I gotta figure out how to shrink it down a bit and or stretch it out.

Bob-Yep, I would trick or treat at your house if you lived closer.That would be funny.
What kind of candy do I get....or dare I ask?

Bigger-Thought I needed a change of scenery, so thanks. My boobs are soft and naughty or the pictures?
Hmmmmmm. :)
Actually the painting on the wall is one out of 2 paintings my hubby has done. It is a 6 pack of bottled lemonade. Kind of looks like Corona's, huh?

Bella said...

These pictures are striking. Love them!

Sequoia Redd said...

this might be old news: but I love the new blog theme!

and these photos are delish...