Friday, October 8, 2010

Crazy painter chick

I have been on a roll painting today. This is in the very beginning stages. I had put this one off for a while. Now I'm back at it. It's the one that will have the rocket boy retro wallpaper in the background.
I'm having fun with this one.


annalise said...

i love love love the color of the flamingo on that shade of blue! makes me happy ^_^ this painting is gonna be soooo awesome!

eva said...

This painting is going to kick ass!! Your work is so crazy, bold and fun!

I answered you in the comments on the contest blog entry, but thought I'd put it here as well in case you don't see it: the contest doesn't have an end date, so it will still be there whenever you're in a slow time. No stress, ahhhhhh... :D

Bigger said...

Glad to see you back at it. I cant wait to see the finished project.

I remember some post back you had to have so many little tiles done by a certian time. Did you make it?

momentextase said...

Woah! LaRoo, stop right there! This work is already in the masterpiece zone! The pink bunny slippers are absolute brilliance and even Warhol only reached this level of metaphorical nervana in just two of his works. Think seriously before gilding this lily, this painting is already over the top drop dead perfect. Sometimes less is more!

Luv said...

Agree with momentextase that nothing more needed. Perfect as is.
Still trying to catch up with your posts, as I just returned to civilization. Missed you.


La Roo said...

It is only about 60% done and there is a lot more that is going on it. It might disappoint some??? I will put up some more updates on it when I have time. I do very much appreciate your input and the high regards given. I know what I want out of this picture and it needs to go to another level.
I have until mid November to get the small block paintings done. We need to have a total of 18 done...if not more. I have 6 done. It will be a cram session, I know. This flamingo piece has top priority at the moment.