Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bad girl

This past weekend I was a bad girl. I was put over my hubbies lap and spanked. Not just a little swat, but spanked. My butt was stinging and it burned, but oooooh it made me very wet. It hurt but the pain was overcome by pleasure. It carried on into the bedroom and I was tied up. That is seriously one of my favorite sexual things to do. It makes one very vulnerable and oh so crazy!
Let's just say a Lelo and clothespins were involved. I was spanked numerous times in various places .My pussy was clothes pinned and fucked and fingered and just kept getting wet. Over the top crazy, my body was shaking and tears streaming out of my eyes. When he took the clothespins off my nipples they were so sensitive and he smack them which hurt in such a good way. He sat on my chest and shoved his cock down my throat and I loved it. I've become more a custom to deep throating and I think he's digging it. I can't count how many times I came and I don't care. I was literally in ecstasy, just completely taken.

My body was trembling for an hour or so afterwards.
This was a super fun night that I won't forget anytime soon and I just felt like sharing.


marquisdgore said...

That was quite an image you described.

No pictures? Perhaps a new gallery for ISM? A second blog for when you're feeling so frisky?

Thanks for sharing.

annalise said...

good girl! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Sounds ever so tasty!

weeder said...

You and your hubby are lucky to have such an open and exciting sex life. I wish my wife was into this type of stuff. She thinks anything more than just plain ol' missionary once a week is "perverted" and only for sickos and deviants. She was horrified when her best friend told her that she owned a sex toy, had a brazilian waxing and liked giving BJ's to her husband.

La Roo said...

marquisdgore- Why can't I write on this blog if I'm feeling frisky. Is there a need for a second blog? I'm still thinking about another ISM.

annalise-I knew you would be proud. :)

yeahbutnobutyeahbut-Oooh it was!!

weeder-I think I'm pretty lucky to be able to have such a connection with my husband. We have a lot of fun together. The problem that i had for a long time is just not being comfortable with myself enough to realize that there are all kinds of sexual things going on. It's ok to like sex and all the kinks that go along with it. It's ok to let go to those negative thoughts that you think protect you and enjoy your body and your partners. It's a learning process. We as humans have preconceived notions of how we should be and that will keep you under thumb until you wiggle out and take a look at your real self. Let your wife read my blog. If she has any questions, please feel free to have her ask. I'm just a regular gal.

Sequoia Redd said...

daaaaamn girl! thats some hot stuff. reading this makes me horny :-P


Bob said...
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La Roo said...

Sequoia-Wow that's a compliment.

Bob- It's all a facade. Keep your wife.