Friday, October 22, 2010

Almost done

I'm almost done, but not quite. It's about 75% done. Each of those little pictures on the wallpaper were like paintings themselves. Paintings within paintings.
Shadows need to be put in, plug needs painted, install carpet, finish the wallpaper pattern, detail the curtains, tattoo needs to be painted on his leg, fix the baseboard.
Then it will be finished, but not until.


L0nestar5 said...

I like the bunny slippers the best I think.
Who doesn't like Pink Flamingos with bunny slippers?

La Roo said...

L0nestar5- I debated the color of the bunny slippers because I didn't want to give the bird one sex or another. What did you read the long legged bird to be? Just curious.
Yeah who doesn't like a flamingo with bunny slippers!

momentextase said...

Awesome LaRoo!!

I don't like Flamingos in bunny slippers....

I LOVE Flamingos in bunny slippers!!!

Is that Betty Boop in the background?? Would like a bigger picture so I can see the background better!!

FYI, provided a (tardy as usual) response to your "Watch your Step" entry.

Can't wait to see your painting finished!!

La Roo said...

momentextase- Thank you, I'm having fun with it. No not Betty Boop....1950's rocket boy wallpaper. I'll try to get better picture of it. It's at the gallery right now though.
Thanks for your response on the other post. Lots of good insight. I value your views. :)

L0nestar5 said...

To answer your query:
I think that the "Rocket Boy" wallpaper is more of a gender pointer than anything. Very boyish. Besides, you called the flamingo "him" in your post, so I never really had thought of it until you asked.

A buddy of mine has a pair of bear paw slippers he wanders around the house in, but there's nothing wrong with a guy wearing bunny slippers.