Sunday, September 26, 2010


We went to a wedding this weekend in Carpinteria. Actually at Rincon point. It was beautiful. It was a picture perfect setting for our friends wedding.
We met a friend of theirs named Dumpster "Dumpy" for short.(pic of back of my head and him) He's sort of a Vagabond dude who was super cool and we ended up bringing him south with us to Venice Beach on our way home today. He Just got back from Austrailia Thursday. He lives a life as a migrant worker and saves up his money to travel all over the world on basically very little. He was so interesting and just so down to earth. He was a very likeable character. He caught a ride home with us and we dropped him off in LA where he is going to stay with friends and then off to Minnesota where he will go harvest beets for the next couple months.
The wedding was on the beach and the family had collected driftwood to make an alter. It was so very cool, especially the carving that was on one of the bottom poles."Eat more Humans".
I gave them the painting I had painted for them as a gift. It was of Burning Man where they met. They were so excited and I felt a great sense of relief that I had done a good thing. I started self self doubting about a week ago.
Other pics were of hubby looking hot and very yummy and us doing the cheese pose thing.
Oh yeah, When we first got on the freeway by our house to start up the coast for the weekend we noticed a couple truck drivers peering in my window and pacing us. Hubby whipped out the camera and snapped off this pic. I don't think the dude was looking at this specific time. Fun though.

On the not so fun note. In some simple move I do on a normal basis, I flipped my chair. I ended up throwing my arms back to catch myself and did some kind of damage to my left shoulder. It was just a reaction to save myself and I did in a certain aspect. I subconciously through my head forward as I went back and saved myself from china bowling my head. My arms took the brunt of it all and now it hurts to lift or push with my left arm. This is not fun since I do use my arms to basically walk (so to speak). I feel like T- Rex.


ChiTown Girl said...

I hope your shoulder is on the mend quickly. Beautiful pictures from the wedding. :)

L0nestar5 said...

"I started self self doubting about a week ago."

Stop that.

Hope the shoulder makes nice quickly.

annalise said...

i was scrolling thru ur pics and wondering what the pretty floral globe was about, nice up shot of ur titty!

omg! i so get ur pain! oh, please take care of ur shoulder, do u have neck pain/strain too? pain kinda migrates, and watch for developing pain issues with the side opposite ur injured shoulder, u'll naturally favor it and over work the other side. i fell off a deck about 8-9 weeks ago, 2nd degree sprain to my left ankle, among other things, i'm just starting to dance again. yes, dancers can be klutzes, sigh, life's not choreographed. i'm glad u didn't china bowl ur head, when u said that my stomach kinda flipped. k, be careful, no more wheelies!

La Roo said...

Chitown girl- Thanks, very nice of you

L0nestar5- I know, I know it's how I felt though. and Thanks.

annalise-a pretty floral're great.
I didn't hurt myself nearly as bad as you. I'm actually feeling better today. just a little sore. Thanks for being so sweet. You're a dancer? How cool is that! Tell me more. What where and how?How come you don't have a blog?

Anonymous said...

You two are so cute! And I love love the pic with your bra and the truck in the background, very clever. Would make a great ism shot.

You are amazing la roo xox chica