Friday, September 17, 2010

Do what I say!

I have been thinking about this for the last couple weeks. Can someone make you cum by just being in a certain situation and basically just talking to you? No penetration or touching of the genitals. Like for instance, it just makes me go up ten fold to be tied up. But how far can the not touching thing be pushed? Can you be dirty talked into an orgasm? Do you need to be taunted by things and objects? Would the closeness or breath of a person tantilize you enough? Would you just get so frustrated you basically just get numb to the situation?
I realize that this is something I need to try. I think it might take some serious foreplay and teasing. I could almost bet that this would take quite of bit of time and nurturing.
Let me know if you have any experience doing or trying this. I'm curious.

Curiousity killed the cat......or was it the pussy? :)


Bigger said...

I did see on that show Strange Sex a women who could think her self to an orgasm. They where doing brain scans on her to see what was going on in her brain or something like that. It was pretty cool but the scary part is why would you need a man. I can see the beginning of our extentsion.

Gray said...

I love this idea but I have no idea if I could do it. I think I'd go crazy with desire. But maybe that's the point.

Hmmm keep up posted on your findings!

Bob said...

I kind of did that a couple of times. Does using a vacuum cleaner hose count? Then there was the lap dance in the Coochie Bar . . .I didn't quite get there but I did wet my pants when she told me how much I owed for the dance. Does that count, too?

L0nestar5 said...

Might want to ask Britni over at her site I think she spoke of this in a past posting. If memory serves, she got to a point of being able to on command (after some other stims).

marquisdgore said...

Your brain is the most powerful sexual organ of your body.
You can be stimulated visually, verbally or physically to orgasm.
You can get wet aurally & visually already. Enough of any one or a combination is enough to take you over the edge.
Hubby whispering nasties in your ear during is a good start and then pay attention to how it affects you.
If men can have wet dreams without any outside stimulation, just think what your mind would do with a suggestive scenario from him.
Have him tell you a fantasy, or better yet, tell him one of yours and have him tell it back to you embellished in his words.

What's your phone number? I'd love to give it a try. :)

momentextase said...

LaRoo, yes it is possible and is done, by both men and women. However there are some things about it that are counterintuitive. Also because we are all so unique in what makes us "tick", it is an open question if everyone can do it, or can "get there" when they begin to try to get there. Also, it could be that what is tried at one point in one's life may not work until another point in one's life. Sex like life, is a journey, not a destination. (Cliché -but true)

There is so much interest now in orgasm, different types of orgasms, feeling orgasm originate in the body other than the genitals per se, multiple orgasm (both female and male), female ejaculation, etc, etc, - that is totally wonderful and all those things can be done and are real. In my early 40's I met a woman who completely changed my life, and who taught me so much about all those things. HOWEVER- she did not "make me" have or do anything, she "drew out" or facilitated my own natural capacities, which she pointed out to me reside entirely within me. In retrospect, the way she worked with me was to suggest "exercises" both physical and mental. Some we did together, some she had me do by myself, and these 'solo' exercises were actually the most important for me-YMMV.

I could go on and on, but to be briefish, (for me! lol!) I will just say that BREATH and getting touch with what I was feeling sexually as an "energy" (feeling my arousal moving in me as an energy) -and Being able to feel this energy in a "cellular" way and move it around in my body was KEY. Understanding how breath carries this energy internally was super important. As a starting point, I would suggest reading "Psychic Massage" by Roberta Delong Miller... what is in that book is part (most inportant part for me IMO) of the basis of the exercises my partner had me do, when Miller talks about "energy" think of it as sexual energy. Once you get the hang of moving this energy around in your body, focusing or diffusing it, building it or letting it go etc -you will also be able to get the hang of transfering, receiving and modulating it in your partner also -and vice versa! Tantra and Kundalini yoga are great resources too, unfortunately western society has been so antisexual, there are few western descriptions of exploration into these phenom. It was all a lot of hard work and not easy for me, and can be scary and assumption bending, so you have been warned. But it is so worth it.

annalise said...

ur brain is ur mightiest sex organ! oooh, i love my brain ^_^

absolutely momentextase! and yes yes yes!

see laroo? u can do it! ^_^ just breathe

La Roo said...

Bigger- I would be afraid to see what came out of me during a brain scan. I definitely still need a man though. Sex is not nearly as fun just by yourself. My man is my everything not just my sex partner.

Gray- I think I'd go crazy too. I'd like to push that crazy over the edge though. Just don't know if I could fully do it.

Bob-Vacuum doesn't count because that is touching or sucking. Lap dance...uh possibly but not in your case. :)

L0nestar5-I think I've read something about this on Britni's blog. It's been a long time ago. I probably should look I just haven't made time. Thanks for the suggestion.

Marquisdgore-I feel that with some in depth hands on or off research I think I will at the very least have fun.

Momentaxtase-It sounds like you were fortunate to have met this special person who gave you the gift of opening your eyes to a different world. A wonderful world that not many let themselves see.
I know a lot of what you speak of has a lot to do with just being comfortable within yourself and the breathing helps take you to different levels. It is so important to be comfortable with your lover. I am the most comfortable I've been in my life. Could I be even more....yep and I'm working on it. Equally my partner needs to do the same.
Thanks for your input.

annalise- my brain scares me. :)
My brain might get me in trouble :) That might be fun though.