Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let there be light


Bigger said...

I love it. Right now it looks like a bed sitting on the moon. I cant wait to see the finish piece. I live light painting

Bigger said...

I meant I "love" light painting

Bob said...

Wonderful beginning. I really love the direction you're taking this piece. It reminds me slightly of Van Gogh's Stary Night without the buildings. With every completed canvas I continue to see a lot of growth and confidence. :)


Crash said...

YAY! love the painting [as always], but it was a real kick to see/hear you live too - awesome.

BTW - loved the love bird post - I can dig it.

All very coolio - great start/end to my day ...


Luv said...

Love the picture, La Roo.
4 poster bed under wide open sky. Romantic and erotic. Let your imagination fly. I know what I would like but it could be too naughty to tell you. I can wisper in your ears if you lean over.


C said...

sooooooooooooooooo pretty and dreamy and romantic looking. cant wait to see it finished! you are SO talented!


La Roo said...

Bigger-Thanks. Do you think it looks more like the moon or the desert? I'm not sure where it is.

Bob-Thanks. I'm letting myself go and my imagination flow. All this without drugs. Can you imagine if I did drugs? :) Ooh an A+.....Yay!

Crash- Yay Thanks. I love yays! It's kind of fun doing the video thing. Then everyone gets to see what a real dork I am. :)

Luv-I'm leaning. Do tell.

C-I'm not sure if it's talent or a bit craziness. Either way it works for me and brings me joy. Thanks for your kindness.