Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fire up the pig, honey.

Cost Plus World Market sends us e-mail ads all the time. I need to unsubscribe but was glad I didn't today because this was there.
How cool is this. We have a nice big barbeque but this is the shit. I could picture this on a little patio of a little spanish style apartment or condo or even a bungalow like ours. Not a bad price for something unique like this.


Bob said...

I gotta have it!! (Yeah, that too. :))))))))

Luv said...

Roasted pig on the pig plates. Cute. Do they come with curly pigtails? Fun.


Crash said...

yeh - now ya see that's the American coming out in you [god bless ya's ya nutters]and making the rest of the world go WTF? ... lmao - I dig ya, I respect ya ... but if there was an award for al-fresco tackiness - this would have to rate.

Still, in saying that - you have made me crack up - so it's priceless .. hugs

La Roo said...

Bob- I think you can about 3 pieces of charcoal in it. :)

Luv- I ove the cow and pig plates. Doesn't take much to amuse me. :)

Crash- lmao Awww come on, at least we have fun with stupid things. Are you that much on the straight and narrow? hugs.