Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do your boobs hang low?

Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?


Bigger said...

Thats Talent righe there

Bob said...

Dr Laroooooo Seuss! Hahahaha! Love your humor here and the high beam headlights.

You missed one though, "Are they raisins on string?"

Way overdue this "nature study". I like wild, natural (or close to) things. Damn sweet, if you ask me. But then you already knew I'd say that, didn't you...... :)

Gray said...

Can I untie them please?! *giggles*

Sulpicia said...

too cute, la roo! you should consider a whole picture book. of rhymes and whatnot... i'm thinking the adult picture book trade won't know what hit them!

Luv said...

Love those boobs.
Love those ties.
I think of two nice presents that bring much pleasure and dreams.
Can I touch? Can I squeeze? Can I lick? Can I nibble the nipples tied in bows?


La Roo said...

Bigger-I don't know if I can handle this much talent. :)

Bob-Hope the high beams help you see better. :) I'm all about getting you through life easier.
Ok, raisins? Splain.

Gray-Go for it, girl.

Sulpicia- This shit flows through my head all the time and I don't do drugs. Scary, huh? I have a series that I have started in paintings that could be part of a childrens book probably. ????

Luv-You are full of love. :)

justme said...

Your boobs hang perfectly, and I am sure that they swing to and fro nicely.

Bob said...

Raisins on a String defined: Very droopy boobs, like down to the waist boobies - strings. Very brown nipples - raisins.

L0nestar5 said...

I like puppies!
And they are cute when tied up with bows.
(Yours are spectacular.)

Bob: Almost a Haiku there...nifty!

Mr M.

Bob said...

Lonestar: I am a poet and I sure as hell don't know it. :)