Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do you play that game?

When our relationship was new I remember how we used to have to make sure that one another had come during that session of sex. No pressure, huh? Who's keeping score anyway? Are there times when one of us doesn't get taken over the edge? Yep and that's ok. Being comfortable to give and receive makes all the difference. We have our ups and downs with sex and when we get on a roll.....Watch Out! I love pleasuring my husband and that wasn't always the case. This isn't something your mother taught you (thank god). You're on your own here and it takes practice (watching porn doesn't hurt either). Being comfortable with yourself and your partner helps and just the sheer joy of giving pleasure. I just think about giving him a blow job and send myself into a frenzy. Ok why is it called a blow job? It's a suck job, right?

Anyways, I'm happy to say that both sides are winners in this game.


13messages said...

It's nice how some things become sexier over time. I kind of touched on that in my latest post as well.

Keep having fun! I love stopping by.

Sulpicia said...

You have a way, as most people I like to read, of saying thing succinctly and quickly... When it takes me chapters. Nice one. XS

PS: How's the painting of the stockinged legs? How are the fish?

Gray said...

That is just awesome!! :)

Bob said...

Blow job, suck job . . . really boils down to a hummmm job. Can you hum the tune Dixie while you're doing that? Just as long as she hits on the male version of a clit . . . you do know where that is, don't you? :)

I wonder if Tiger Wood is getting any these days.

annalise said...

lol, yes a hummm job, or yum job, 'specially after it's been in me ^_^ ...i always wonder why dixie?

momentextase said...

La Roo, well, since you asked:

You know it's working when you get past that "Was it good for you?" stage. lol!

Ever play the "You can't come until I say you can" game??

Charlotte Green said...

I'm just a greedy girl. I just want to keep cumming. I'll sort him out afterwards!

La Roo said...

13 -I agree. I wrote on your poist after I read this.

Sulpicia- This fact might have sounded like a new revelation, but actually it was a reflection back after I saw this cartoon.
I am about finished with my stocking paint. I'm about 90% done and have started the new one with the fish. I have a deadline that I hope I can meet. They are in our upcoming show at our gallery.

Gray, funny how life is, huh?

Bob-Yeahhh, I don't hmmmmm. And it definitely wouldn't be Dixie. :)
Not sure if I'm knowing of this guy clit thing. Please do tell.

annalise-I wonder why Dixie also? Bob? Do tell?
Or I should say..Wifey do tell.

Momtextase-(or moment of extasy) everytime I see your screen name. :) You know how certain words just come to you like that?

Thanks for the info. Good read.

Charlotte - your funny.

Bob said...

I guess it goes back to any old girl friend, Dixie. Built like a shit brick house, she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch ball. So, while Dixie was knobbing away & humming Dixie, I'd be singing it:

"O, I wish I was in Dixie!
Hooray! Hooray!
In Dixie Land I'll take my stand
To live and die in Dixie
Away, away,
Away down south in Dixie!"

Get it?