Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thoughts going through my head.

Reading Britni's blog makes me want a Randy.
I want a cookie.
I need to cancel my appointment to take my car in.
I need to get in the shower and get off the computer.
We need to look into getting passports.
What will it need to take to the gallery today.
Have I changed? Or did she change? Probably both.
Valentine's Day bugs me except that I like cute red things.
I want to make hubbys birthday party nice.


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

YES!! Get a Randy!!

Gray said...

Quite the list you have going. I wish I looked good in red things. *laughs*

Bob said...

A Randy may be handy but not so dandy in your gandy with a girth of just over two inches. A better name for this tool might be, Randy, the Home Wrecker. :)

Get rolling on your passports. It takes a couple of months to get one once all the paperwork and photos have been submitted.

Ahh ha! Hubby's birthday is coming up? Wifey's is Thursday. Dinner out with the kids at our favorite Italian restaurant. Cake and presents at the house. Hmmm, wonder if there's time to FedX overnight a Randy. He could be our special guest and "sit" at the head of the dinner table. Talk about a conversation piece! Pass the lube, please.......:)

La Roo said...

Britni- Just a thought that passed through.

Gray- I'm a scatter brain. I'm sure you look fantastic in red. :) You're so so funny.

Bob-Yeah, the toy was a passing thought. I get those periodically. We printed off the forms for the passports last night and will probably go to the library to get the process started in the next couple days. Hubby's B-day is this wekend. Barbeque, friends, family and hopefully warm weather. Strawberry pretzel dessert...oh gawd! Yum.