Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love celebrating him.

Can you say 80 degrees and absolutely beautiful?

Today we celebrated hubby's birthday. We barbequed burgers, had frog eye salad, and strawberry pretzel dessert. Our good friends and family helped us celebrate. Birthday boy got gifts such as pink donuts (yes pink donuts), Ace hardware gift cards, Dunkin Donuts coffee, Cast iron cook book, Home Depot gift card, an antique light fixture, and a camera.

I treasure this man. I thank my lucky stars that he was born and I am the lucky person he chose to spend his life with. He makes life worth living and always brings a smile to my face. Happy Birthday my Love.


Bob said...

Note to Hubby: You're really blowing it! Ha. Could not resist a stupid ass crack like that per the photo here.

You may consider yourself lucky to have Hubby in your life but I have to say he's lucky, too. You guys make a wonderful couple and certainly compliment each other.

Looks like a fun party.

Gray said...

Dang I missed it.. I hope you had a lovely birthday Hubby!:)