Wednesday, February 17, 2010

60% done

I'm just basically finishing the covering the canvas and am ready now to go back and tweak it. I worked on this yesterday for about 6 hours. I got some really good paint time in, that doesn't happen a lot. Life happens and you have to be able to set aside a big block of time to paint. At least I do. Artists life can be very lonely. I try to balance it out. I don't want to spend my life behind a canvas, but make time to settle those needs that drive me.


Bob said...

"Time Out"


"Thinking What's Next"

"Ready to Face the Day"

"Let's Roll"

"Seeing Stars But Mostly Stripes"

"Caught with Pants Down"

The world according to Gaz said...

It looks fantastic. You must be proud!

CarynSKA said...

It's absolutely beautiful. You should be very very proud.

La Roo said...

Bob-I want to know what the Time Out one meant. I was bad, I got time out.? Time out to take it off? Time out, I'm doing something?

Gaz - Thanks, Uh this piece is going good and I feel ok about it......ummmm, I like the composition and the impact. Do I think it's a seller? Nope. Nobody would want this hanging in their living room.
I know this was something I'd be doing for myself.

Caryn- Thanks, you're very kind.

Bob said...

Time out - drop your drawers and do what ever . . . use your imagination past sitting on the pot. :)

CarynSKA said...

Wait. Why wouldn't someone want this hanging in their living room?