Sunday, December 20, 2009

Either way I'll burn my buns.

Burning Man
Desire Resort

We have recently met some friends and they have been to Burning Man. They said that we have just got to go, it is totally us. We have talked about going but I guess the whole drugish party crowd made us feel like it wouldn't be for us. Plus the roughing it in the desert with the sand storms and the wheelchair thing. Anyways, they had a blast. They aren't total partiers and want us to go with them this next summer. They have informed us that basically you pick the areas of wildness you want to be around and it is not all the bad crazy hype that the media picks to show you. It is a week in the desert outside of Reno filled with funky art, free love, dirt, sex, fashion shows of weirdness, of course the burn of Burning Man and so on.We would rent a motor home and need to figure out the rest of the details. It's all very intriguing, but still contemplating. There are several different facets to this vacation that I'm not sure of.

1. We wanted a sexually charged vacation and not sure how we could pull that off with the new friends around. Would like to be nude and frolic, and that's perfectly acceptable at Burning man...but we just never have brought any of this stuff up to people we know.

2. Not sure I want to basically camp and cook and be dirty for my vacation.

3. Would love to be apart of something like this with people that have been and know the ropes.

4. I love the idea because it is "us" to do something of this sort that is not just the avarage thing being done.

Our other choice this summer was something we've been planning on doing and that is to go to Desire in Mexico. It is a clothing optional/ swinger type resort. (No, we don't swing). We had such a good time this past summer at a place similar in the So. Cal. desert for our first time. It is way more luxury than Burning Man and we could just be ourselves sexually. No cooking or being dirty. Also though..... no funky weirdness that I adore.

Burning Man would be a way easier to tell the family we were going to. I have been trying to figure out how or where we would tell them we were if we went to Mexico. They always want to know where we are staying. It's a safety thing and my mom is getting older. In Mexico I would want someone to know where abouts we were in case some bad thing happened.


Bob said...

I'd take the resort experience if I couldn't do both. Burning Man, while quite the experience, will bring you dirt, dirt and more dirt. There will be dirt/sand in everything. Then there's the sandstorms that often occur during Burning Man. Then, as you wrote here, there's cooking (unless you eat street food that's offered). I'd think long and hard before making the Burning Man your destination.

As for Desire Resort, surely you can make up something for the relatives that makes them think you're somewhere else. Any picture you bring home - - - - well, only show the relatives stuff with the clothes on part of the vacation.

I envy your courage to think out of the box.

Did you check Trip Advisor for the reviews for Desire. Here they are:

That said, I don't really like the Canned Coon area of Mexico. That was our last Mexico destination. It was great staying at the resort (all inclusive - including drinks) but for sight seeing the place is not my cup of tea.

Good luck in your decision.

eva said...

I've wanted to go to Burning Man since the first time I heard about it! I was about 17 and some random guy I met in a youth hostel told me all about it over a bottle of whiskey. He was a total weirdo and had peacock feathers sticking out of his backpack. He made jewelry out of air plane parts, and he gave me this mega cool necklace that I still wear. And he gave me the dream of Burning Man. But I also see how it's not that practical. I take drugs sometimes and love a wild party, yet I'm not sure I'd love taking drugs in the desert (heat+drugs= :s ).
Also, I'm too far away, and if I went, I wouldn't know anyone there. I would jump at the chance if I had friends who went there and if I could afford the plane ticket.

But I know I'd be annoyed at: the SAND. And needing a shower, but not getting one.

Is your chair heavy to manage in sand? When it comes to your friends; maybe they are more frisky than you know when it comes to nudity and the like ;)

Anonymous said...

Camping, smoking weed and hanging (no pun intended) in the nude where the norm in the 70s. :-)

La Roo said...

Bob- Yeah, I have looked at all the reviews I can find about Desire. Some people that we met this summer in the desert couldn't stop raving about it. As for the Cancun area....ummm I really don't think we plan on doing much touristing. It's all about the resort for us.
As for Burning Man, we haven't ruled it out and we just might do both. What the hell, you only live once. We will definitely think it though, but not over think it.
You should go!!

Eva, We are thinking about doing Burning Man in a motorhome= shower and If you went this year you would kind of know us, so rule that part out about not knowing anybody.

Ironbear- I think it's always had some place in history. Being free.