Monday, November 9, 2009

Santa didn't like me.

As a family each of us compile a Christmas list. Items costing no more than 50 bucks.
It can be one thing or a bunch of little things. We bring this list in an envelope to Thanksgiving dinner and put it into a basket. We each draw an envelope and that is the person whom we buy gifts for Christmas. We've done it this way for several years and it has cut costs immensely.
I was trying to think of some items to put on my list and I just can't think of anything.
My mind wandered off (common) to being a kid and for as many years as I remember, my list to Santa always including these items.
A Kick n Go and a Sit and Spin.
Did I ever get them?
I know, sad huh?


Gray said...

I loved my sit and spin.. that was so much fun!

Bob said...

Life is like that . . . you can't always get what you want...or so sayeth the Rolling Stones. That's why I buy myself Christmas and birthday presents for otherwise I don't get what I want. Family members know not to buy me gifts for that reason which has turned out to be just fine.

BTW: Wifey is my sit and spin...:)

eva said...

I wanted a synthesizer as a kid. Like, really, really bad. I had it ringed in in the toy magazine, and leaving the toy magazine out for my parents to see and I kept talking about it for months, so I was pretty sure I'd get it. Then, before Christmas, a long flat present with my name on it appeared under the tree. I was so excited, I could hardly wait. I asked my mother if I could open a present early so I could get to play on it sooner, and I did get to open something, but only a small present. The wait was killing me, I was so excited. It was the last present to be opened.. and out of the box came.. a blue, tall lamp. A LAMP!?????? I still haven't recovered fully from the disappointment.

La Roo said...

Gray, you're such a lucky ducky. :)

Bob, well now I could care less about presents. It's just one of those weird things that sticks in your head. Lucky wifey, huh? Santa is good to her?

Eva, did you ever get the synthesizer? Would you still want one as an adult? Do you still have the blue lamp? I'm guessing yes. :) I don't know why...just sounds practical and something that would hang around a while.

eva said...

I never got a synthesizer :( The lamp didn't last too long as I hated the thing and I'm good at wearing things out/breaking them.
I stopped learning piano and have got so much other stuff to do now that I don't think I would pick it up again.. so a synthesizer wouldn't be of much use to me now.