Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love sweets!!

Girlfriend has been on Weight Watchers since last January.
I had gained some lb's after the death of my brother-in-law and stopped smoking. I tried but I wasn't to successful losing it on my own. I felt I needed a place that would help make me be accountable for my actions. When you have to step on that scale each week, it does make you think before you eat. I've actually enjoyed going and have probably eaten healthier than I ever have. I feel great. I think it's a good program. I'm not doing very well in the losing part. I've gotten the healthy eating habits(almost) down and the right filling foods in order.
Where I fuck up almost everyday is the sweets.
I eat the turkey sandwich, the salads, wholegrain breads, low fat milk, diet cokes, water, fruits and veggies. I enjoy a slice of pizza here and there or a small burger, because it is okay.
I blow it almost everyday because I love to have a couple cookies, an ice cream, a chocolate somethun somethun. And don't even let me see cake. Oh good god!
I cancel out all my good eating doing this. Plus, girlfriend does exercise, but doesn't exert as much energy as the reg person. If you put it in, you need to be able to burn it off.
I need to just treat myself every once in a while, not everyday .
I know I'm in the wrong when I choose to eat these little goodies, I just need to get a grip and fight this urge.


Anonymous said...

My SIL lost a bunch of weight through WW. I tried them for a while but I wasn't consuming enough food to fuel my workouts so I switched to a so called paleo diet. No processed carbs. Just meat, eggs, nuts, fruit and green veggies. The kind of stuff cavemen and cavewomen ate. I lost about 45 pounds since my wife died that way. Unfortunatly, I've been stuck at 275lbs for a while now. I really should get down below 250. Good luck with the weight loss. You look fine to me but do what makes you happy.

Bob said...

You are what you eat....or so they say. You and candy bars? That's why you're so very sweet, girl!

Butterfinger. Baby Ruth. Can't resist them....

La Roo said...

Ironbear, good for you losing 45 pounds. That's great.
I've been eating great each day, then I top it off with dessert. Not going to get anywhere doing that.

Bob, uh candy bars without nuts for me. Yes, I'm that person who's allergic to nuts. Just dark chocolate does it for me, but cake and cookies are the little devils sitting on my shoulder.

eva said...

Mmmm cake and cookies and chocolate.. mmm hehe. As long as you don't eat a ton of it, it shouldn't be so bad, eh? Especially chocolate, I mean, what is life without chocolate.

I'm not so sure about the diet coke, though, it's *really* unhealthy. And it makes you gain weight, so don't trust them when they say its "diet". Google diet coke + weight gain and see what comes up. They even say it will cause you to overeat, not to mention that it will cause weight gain on it's own just as sugar will+ the artificial sweeteners are unhealthy for other reasons as well.
If you're hooked on caffeine, you could drink black tea(I drink mine unsweetened, or with a bit of honey) or coffee.

Here's a link on research done on artificial sweeteners and weight gain, I think you should read it, coke is evil he he:

eva said...

Oh and looking at your pictures; I'm not sure you need to lose any weight, but that is an other issue ;)