Monday, November 30, 2009


We spent 2 of our 4 day Thanksgiving vacation looking for a new (used) car for me. I've had my last one since 2001 and it's just that time. Because of my wheelchair, balance, etc. I have certain requirements for an auto. We had been leaning towards a Ford Edge and test drove it blah, blah, blah, dealer was a jerk, walked out. The car has to be able to hold my wheelchair lift in the back. The problem we've been running into is the spare tire comparment or third row seating. Anyways, we saw the neatest car at Carmax, I hated the bright blue color but loved the car. It was a 2007 Saab 97X. It is what we want in a car. It's the coolest thing. So we ended up at a Saab dealer and they have a killer deal on one (2007, black, with bells and whistles). My goal today is to find out if a lift can be put in one, financing, and what the heck GM is going to do with them. I don't know anybody with a Saab and that scares me and intrigues me at the same time. I like being different, you know.
My question to you guys......???????
Has anyone ever owned a Saab and if so, could you give me your thoughts on them?


Bob said...

Sorry, no SAAB stories from Bob today. LOL and all that shit.

Have you thought about a Subaru? I hear they're reliable, can go the distance without any tinkering. A physician friend confined to a wheel chair owns one and is able to throw his chair over the front seat and into the backseat. Dude does have muscles. No easy feat as I've seen first hand but it works for him.

Try Google and search for problems associated with Saab and that model/year. You'll be surprised what turns up.

Good luck on your search.

Bob said...

Will there be photos of your new baby?


La Roo said...

Yep, soon.
It's pimp. I'm rollin on 20's.

Bob said...

20's?! Holy macaroni and cheese! Better tint those windows and make it total gangster. Oh, and does it have a whomper sound system - the ones that go thump-dee-dump! :) I want a ride, girl! :)

IronBear138 said...

My daughter is also looking for a car. I think I might trade in my car for a pick up so I can look all macho. lol

Good luck with the car shopping, La Roo.

La Roo said...

Bose, Bob.
It's totally gangsta.

Bob said...

Oh, I love to hose to the Bose!