Thursday, September 24, 2009



MarquisdGore said...

Look at you rebound from Tuesdays post!

Talent and creativity you are loaded with. You just need to be able to express it freely, not locked into some BS art class assignment that means absolutely nothing and is no help to you at all to further your capabilities.

Art teachers come up with those ideas as "fill" for their lack of preparation to teach you something that day. I bet she/he/it called it fun too? Sure wasn't for you.
A complete and total waste of your time and money and then upset you on top of it.

Absolutely no reason in the real world for an artist to do a "timed" sketch. You might have to do something fast, like sketching a squirrel in the park that's bouncing around, but you develop a kind of shorthand for that, the rest is just anatomy.

Unless you're there for the social aspect of that class, I'd walk (or roll) if I were you. Sounds like the class is beneath your abilities and you certainly don't need the aggravation.

Roll on LaRoo!

Richard said...

Artistic, but kind of eerie looking. Great profile shot.

La Roo said...

Marquis- I don't know why you're so against me going to school. In one other post you commented on that. I like school and I like learning and I love my teacher. She is teaching different techniques and it just so happened that for whatever reason those timed drawings hit a chorde with me. I've been taking classes for about five years now and I think I have greatly benefited from it. I am an open minded person and I'm in belief that we can never stop learning and bettering ourselves. I try to do that in many different ways and school is one of those avenues. Nothing is beneath me, I don't hold myself on higher ground than anybody else. Our creativity comes from the journey which we allow.
I had a bad day and I had a open wound touched.

Bob said...

Without really immersing myself into the subject of whether art classes (or any other class) are good, bad or ugly I have to say that regardless of your education or skill coursework given the right instructor is always a good thing. A different prospective on the subject often brings light to even the most experienced learner often leads to a new door opened.

Keep on keeping on, Laroo.