Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I like to call it art.

We cover our feathered friend every night before we go to bed.
I don't know if there's a particular reason.
I guess it is to make her feel safe and comforted.
Every couple months I usually buy a round table cloth I find on sale to cover her with.
After a while they get dingy or get a few holes and I throw them out.
This one she's had a hell of a good time with.
Every morning when I get up she is working her magic on it.
It is a very intricate masterpiece.
I kind of hate to throw this one out.


Gray said...

Awee that is so cute!! I'd have a hard time throwing that one out too.

CarynSKA said...

It's awesome!
We never cover our bird, but we probably should! She's very very loud... I think that covering them makes them believe that it's night-time, and then they go to sleep.

Bob said...

You and Wifey have a lot in common. She's big on stuff like this, too. She's also into little peckers . . . :)

Jake lara said...

Eek! this is probably my 1st post your not gonna like very much. Whenever I see a bird in a cage I'm kind of horrified. Birds have evolved marvelously intricate navigation and when their born expect to occupy as part of a social group, a huge 3 dimensional space, far bigger than ours, to fly miles and miles around the sky, so to be trapped in a cage on your own must be murder. If I was trapped in a cage I would bond with whoever fed me, but every now and then when the instinct arose I'd want out of there, looks like sun up for your bird is that time when they want to be out living a life. How do you know your bird doesn't find being covered at sun up completely intollerable and shows that by trying to destroy whatever's blocking the light. Can we be certain that we read a birds emotions correctly and know their happy or fulfilled. I think feeding wild birds from a bird table or having them feed from a window sill is a much nicer way to befriend birds. Sorry, every comment I've made in your blog has been honest, when I say I love you and your paintings I do, I'm not accusing you of knowingly being cruel and I know you won't see it like this yourself but the pic of the lonely bird cage and the damaged cloth makes me feel kind of sad.

Richard said...

It makes them feel safe enough to go to sleep. They also get a break from twitter tweets.

La Roo said...

Gray-She's my love, I love her anticks.

Caryn-We are fortunate ours isn't to loud. Only when new people are in the house and she wants their attention.

Bob-It's our nurturing way. :)

Jake- I'm glad you were open about your thoughts. I don't mind a bit.
I do know what you mean and in my mind we can take this to extremes with just about any pet. Are animals meant to be kept as our own? Dogs, fish, cats, rats, ferrets, or whatever? Probably not.
We as humans have taken upon ourselves to keep pets and give them human qualities, should we? Probably not. I can look at the big picture and maybe it isn't supposed to be this way. But I have her, my senegal parrot that I handfed from 3 weeks old. She sits on top of her cage when we are home, and rides around on my shoulder. She gets fresh seed and fruits and vegetables everyday.When you say trapped in a cage, that she's is not. She's very interative with the family which is her flock, actually the only thing she's ever known. I always say, she's got it better than some kids do. As for the chewing, she does this with most fabric. We give her pieces to pick at and shred. So, I'm not sure it's a whole rising sun thing. I think it's more a nesting ritual. But wo knows? All I know is that I love her so much and my love might be selfish. She's not lonely, she is on the move and loves to tease the dog, cuddle with me and dance to her favorite tunes.

Jake lara said...

Ha ha well if she's off around the house interacting I feel a lot better about that, thanks for telling me a bit more about her life. Sounds like your informed about how to look after her and what her needs are. In nature there are lots of examples of benificial parasites, Where pets fall into that role I feel OK about it because their not captive (the falcon that fly's back to it's owners arm instead of flying away forever) or a dog thats let off the lead in the park and comes back to you. Parrots will do that as well by the way, I got attacked by a free range pet parrot that was sat on a perch outside a tobacconist in central Melbourne :) I thought it was cute and I let it walk up my arm and when it got to my shoulders I think it decided it wanted to eat me :)

eva said...

I also found it cool to read about your parrot's life, he he she sounds like a good friend of yours.
I have fish and the thought has crossed my mind.. is it wrong, is it right.. it probably isn't. After all, I don't have an ocean to put them in, or a lake. But they do have it better than fish in the wild when it comes to food and being taken care of. And I love them more than I thought possible. And often, when I talk to them, they seem to prefer swimming up to my face to look at me while they wiggle, more than going for their food. They are my water puppies.

La Roo said...

Eva- Love that you call them water puppies, awwww, I love that. I just feel that ultimate bond with my sweet bird.