Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get down, get dirty.

I need to do a picture like this!

Now let's get down and talk dirty.
The more comfortable sexually I am, it seems the nasty just comes out of me.
I know I have a sort of innocence to me that would'nt give most people a clue what I'm...... or we're into.
I think knowing that is within itself a huge turn on.
I like things rough and hard. I like to have my ass slapped and my nipples pinched.
Just the to hear what a bad girl I've been makes me instantly wet, because it's the anticipation of knowing what is to come next.
I love my hair pulled back and love to be restrained.
I like to be told what I'm going to do sexually.
I think definitely my tendencies lean toward the bondage side.
Maybe not hardcore, but I think I'd like to experiment with it a little more.

It's so weird, because I am a "good girl". I pretty much have a good head on my shoulders and lead a "normal" life.
And then there's Dirty girl.


Luv said...

I know you are bad and dirty inside all along. Stop hiding behind the nicety and show you true self. You don't just want ass slapped and nipples pinched. Why do you think you're wet? You want a plug up your ass and a dildo in your cunt at the same time. Admit it. Try it and then tell me how it feels.

Richard said...

Most people have two personalities, but social restrictions made by the guardians of morality force us to hide the immoral one.

Bob said...

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I want it. I want it. I want it.

That's it.

La Roo said...

Richard, is it immoral? I'm not so sure about that. I do know it's pretty much socially restricted.

Bob, what did you know? :)

Luv, don't know you, but hi. Thanks for the dirty talk, and I know why I get wet.

Gray said...

I have to laugh because I'm the same way! Most people that meet me, talk to me, work with me HAVE not a clue the types of things I would be into. Hell my christian office would hold prayer meetings for my soul daily if that was the case.

Bob said...

I knew all of what you posted here. I knew it. I did. The video orgasm gave you away big time. Bob knows about sounds and their meaning.

Bob should know: Over 500 served. :)

La Roo said...

Bob, you knew I liked those things by just watching my video? I thought it was pretty mild.

Anonymous said...

i don't really think there are such things as "dirty" people, only dirty attitudes. there is nothing inherently dirty about someone's raw sensuality (which has its own intrinsic quality), and it shouldn't be seen as such.

but people still do see it that way, for reasons that have more to do with them, than the "dirty" person, but that is their prerogative. and there are still others that even like the idea of dirtiness with all its negative implications, and that is their right too. both views seem very real to each person, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a more sane way of looking at things.

La Roo said...

Lobo, do mind if I use some of your comment to do a post? I like the wording you chose and would like to go from there. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

you may do whatever your heart desires, love. nothing i wrote is original, unique or exclusive to me, anyway. many people have similar thoughts or feelings about a whole plethora of ideas, but have very different ways of describing or expressing them. ah, the limitations of words. but again, to answer your question, you are certainly welcome to use my comment. word for word, or adjusted or improved is perfectly fine with me. i'm quite flattered, honestly.

Alfredo said...

Dirty people, nice people. Good people, bad people. There is no such a thing and yet there is. That's because we've been wrongly taught to think about opposits. We have learned to beleive in dualism. But there is no such thing.

Dirty-nice, good-bad, they are just the two sides of a coin. And the coing wouldn't exist without one of its sides. It just wouldn't be a coin anymore.

I am nice, I am dirty. I am good, I am bad. I am me.

La Roo, it is great you recognize the two sides, you are nice and you are dirty, you are good and you are bad. You are you.

Only most people don't recognize this and they try to hide their dark side and this only makes them incomplete. They are not whole people.

Trying to suppres your bad side only creates problems in your mind, because it doesn't go away, it cant, it's part of you, it's part of me, it's part of all of us.