Monday, August 3, 2009

Suck it up, and put on your big girl panites.

We've been wanting to go on a vacation, as I've talked about in previous posts. Mexico was top on our list this summer, but we waited too long and now it's hurricane season and don't want to risk it ruining our vacation. We are going to put it of until next May. The weather is suppose to be great that time of year. I think we've resolved ourselves to little weekend getaways here and there.

Vegas kicked it off a couple weekends ago, and now we've booked a little nude resort in the dessert. We researched and felt pretty good about it. This would be our first time to go to one, and just want to experience it. This place is also a "lifestyle" friendly resort, which is okay with us, we know our boundaries and heard that others are respectful of yours.

Now here's where my insecurities come in. Hubby calls to make the reservation, asks about the availability, gives our info, then asks if we could have a downstairs room because his wife is in a wheelchair. First thing out of the ladies mouth is, "You do realize this is a "lifestyle" friendly resort? Hubby says, "yep". Then they proceed with credit card numbers. He said he could tell by her voice that the wheelchair issue threw her off.

So, one part of my mind says, "fuck them" I'm going to go enjoy myself just like everyone else. The other part says, people in wheelchairs don't go to places like this. You're not going to be treated the same and they don't want your kind there. They don't want to be uncomfortable and I might make them feel that way.

I feel very teary eyed right now and need to snap out of it. I will muster up the courage, because that's me.


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

That women is a cunt. Who the fuck says that? People in wheelchairs don't have sex or open sex lives? Fuck that.

You are BEAUTIFUL. You will be hotter than 99% of the people there, wheelchair or not.

Beauty has nothing to do with that chair. Your beauty comes from your beautiful body, but more than that, it radiates from within.

13messages said...

It would thrill me to no end to see you if I was there. I say go and have a blast. You're sexy and you're beautiful.

Bob said...

Wait a minute. Hold the phone! This place touts itself as being "life style friendly." Okay, what part of disability isn't life style friendly? If the place IS just that then anyone regardless of whatever baggage they bring should be welcomed with open arms.

I should call: "Hi there, I'm bi-polar. Do you have a padded room for me in case I want to tee off on someone?"

Go there. Enjoy. Don't let the fucktards in life get you down.

Gray said...

I 100% agree with Britni, You are beautiful! Don't let stupid people bring you down. You guys go, have a wonderful time and ignore the rest.

*hugs you*

La Roo said...

It's a battle everyday with yourself realizing that your body doesn 't do or look like what you want it. Then the mental game of, just move on with that day in the best you can. (no really.... give it your all) Which I'm not sure if the average person gives half a thought to.
I'm not sure the average person would have the courage to go to a nude resort. Then someone spews something they absolutely put no thought to.
I dont care if it's intentional or not, it throws me all off track and it hurts. I know it shouldn't, but in reality it does.
I'm just rambling.
All that a side, thank you for your encouraging comments, they do help in the big scheme of things.

kevhem25 said...

This makes me think of a comment I have heard many times before. Anyone else ever heard the comment, "You can't fix stupid". People like that can't help it that they are stupid and ignorant in their comments about people in wheelchairs. I'm in a wheelchair myself and I myself have also thought about visiting places like this. I also agree with what everyone else has said just ignore the stupid people and go show them what you're made of, so to speak, and have fun. Hope to hear all about your visit to this place real soon.

Jake lara said...

Your gonna be the hottest person there so the next time someone says they're in a chair they'll think of you. I think you'll break down their prejudice instantly.

eva said...

All of the people at the resort can't possibly be like her. She's just one silly narrow minded little person who doesn't know what she's talking about- don't let her ruin your fun. People like her are evererywhere. It's horrible to encounter them, but it's more horrible to stay at home and hide from them, since you'll also be hiding from the cool and nice and fun people. You only live once blah blah blah. Have fun :)

Ps. I bet people won't even notice the chair at all when they see you in the nude :P

Pps. Let us know how it goes!!

Bear / Oso said...

Never mind what they say. You are a wonderful person full of life and sensuality. I think of your wheelchair as an atachment you have like some of us have dentures and it doesn't make you any less of a person with all kinds of fieelings, inlcuding exploring and ejopying your sensuality and your sexuality. Go and have a lot of fun. Be sure to share some pics with us.