Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vanilla with Sprinkles

It's weird, I worry about my body image, but at the same time it bothers me to think I'm too vanilla. I don't want to be what people expect. I want to live pushing the envelope a bit. I want to be empowered and be a sexual being. I hope I can create some kind of new attitude towards different body types, be it standing or sitting. (starting with myself)
I work hard to be in the best shape I can. I eat well, exercise, take way to much time doing my hair and make up, laugh and love a lot. At the end of the day I will never have the body that I have in my mind. I play up my attributes and play down some major flaws. Unfortunately, in my mind I think I look better than I do . When I look in the mirror or pictures, I can't believe what has happened to my body. How it has failed me or how I fail it. Then on the complete flip side, I like to show my body. Somehow those roles don't play out well. Security and insecurity wrapped in one. How do I deal with that?


kevhem25 said...

Please, please, please go for it and do it again. I'm a big fan of ishotmyself and I've been a huge fan of your's ever since your first shoot. Me being in a wheelchair myself your shoot really jumped out and struck a chord with me. It really stuck in my mind because I'd never seen anyone else in a chair do anything like that before. I would most definitely like to see you on there again. Hope you'll keep us informed on what you decide. Again I say have fun and go for it.


Jake lara said...
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Jake lara said...

I thought your ISM was really good. A few people think lust is a sin and so hate porn, but I think if you respect people it's not a sin, it's just sexual attraction which is the start of a process that creates new life, so female sexuality is vital to all of us and should be respected and I think you get that respect at ISM . To me it's not hiding ourselves but the self expression of our valuable sexuality that is classy. Much in the same way we all wear clothes that hide what we consider to be our faults and accentuate our assets. you can take as many pictures as you like and send in the ones you like best you've done one great folio I'd love to see you do do another one.

P.S. I originally left out 2 important words so deleted and reposted.

Jake lara said...

I've just seen another typo in that post but I'm not do doing it again :)