Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Bummer

This has been a different summer for me than most. The heat of the summer has come late. We have been crazy busy between, having company, the gallery, birthdays, work, and just a different realm of things going on. Because of the summer starting out so mild, we haven't been out in the lucious summer sun frolicing. Now that it's here, we are busy and not in the swing of enjoying it. Sitting on the porch, going to the beach, barbequeing with friends, water balloon fights, going on a trip, has all just not really happened so much this summer. I'm a bit bummed and can't seem to get into it like I would normally. I yearn for it though. Hopefully we can capture some of it before it passes and get with the program.


MarquisdGore said...

No comment specifically for "Summer Bummer", but for other posts.

1. What happened with your large painting of the striped pole with the paper airplanes? Is it done? Did it sell? Have you posted a finished picture that I can't find?Interested to see your final solution to your perspective problem.

2.You mentioned several times you and your husbands interests in voyeurism/exhibitionism. Perhaps this little missive will stimulate some of your ideas further.

Gray said...

I am a day late on the comments!

One I love it when you vlog! You are just so damn cute!

Two Yes I think if you want to do the ISM again, go for it. There are always going to be critics but if you enjoy it so be it.

Three We all have issues with our body imagine. I have my days when I swear I'm a beached whale.;)

Bob said...

Summer: June 21st until September 22nd. There's a whole lot of summer left, Laroo. You've got over two months of summer left to do your thing. Get out there and do it!

La Roo said...

MarquisGore- You know I didn't follow up with the painting and I don't know why. I did finish it and it has kind of a surreal cartoonish feel. It's me. I will take a picture of it next time I'm at the gallery to share. The perspective problem was solved by drawing an elipse in the same area as the plane and have the nose of that plane fall in line with it. Thanks for asking.

Gray- thank you for the encouragement.

Bob-You are absolutely right, and we did going swimming at a friends pool yesterday. I just was in a bit of a funk. Thanks for snapping me out of it.

eva said...

My summer has been the same. It's warm, but I haven't been doing summery things. I haven't even eaten strawberries!? Or gone swimming :s I'm starting to feel pressured into enjoying the rest of the summer in a more summerly manner ;)