Friday, June 5, 2009

We got a Pole

If this is all to boring, let me know please.


Jake lara said...

Firstly your gorgeous!! and thats turning out to be a nice painting.
I like the way you put a little of the colours in like green in the pole because thats how light reflects off the grass onto the pole or the trees reflect a tiny amount of green light onto the mountains, I didn't think about that before in a painting. Also right now I'm looking out the window onto a sunny day and if I close my eyes I can still see a temporary imprint of the window, a kind of delayed very weak image, so instead of closing our eyes if we just look around as we normally do those delayed week images and their colours are still there but just laid over what we see next, so thats probly why a little bit of all the colours spread around looks more real.

Prof. Jake :)

Bob said...

Two things:

#1 Again, I love hearing your process in creating a painting . . . a lot of consideration on differing aspects goes into each work and your thoughts fascinate me.

#2 The title of this post, We Got A Pole almost made me go ape shit (yet again). After reading the title I was thinking, "WOW, they done did git one of them dancer poles, now we git to see Laroo spin around it. WHOO HOOO!". It was a nice thought anyway.

kevhem25 said...

I think of many things when I see you, but boring is not one of them. Great painting you are one talented young lady. Keep us informed we like hearing about and seeing what you're upto.

the eternal list said...

from the title of this post, i thought...well, never mind what i thought, great work on the painting so far!

Mr. Condescending said...

that pole is pretty cool lookin! if your in a wheelchair, you might like the one I built on my blog!

Jake lara said...

Mr. Condescending, Laroo's got her hubs and a small army of admirers she doesn't need it. I think you should convert it into a reclining orgasmatronic contraption that anyone can use.

Mr. Condescending said...

lol sorry if it was taken the wrong way, I didnt mean it any other way than just humor.

Jake lara said...

Thanks for that cuz it kind of comes over as if you use a chair this is the only way you'll get any sex which isn't true and I'm glad that doesn't seem to be your underlying assumption after all, but I might as well tell you thats how it looks. At least to me anyway. Still this isn't my blog I should have made my comment on yours.

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I adore everything about you! I just want to be your friend and come spend the day chatting with you! And you are so stunning. You're gorgeous in pictures, but you're even more gorgeous in motion!

And I didn't find this boring at all. In fact, I found it fascinating and totally interesting, especially because I know nothing about painting or art!

Mr. Condescending said...

some of my readers are in wheelchairs, and I just try to make everyone feel welcome, just tryin to make the wheelchair sexy for everyone!

La Roo said...

Jake ......... Thanks. Thanks for being there for me.
IGNORANCE, is all I can say. Small people always try to put others down to make themselves look better.
Anyways, see you taught me something. That is very true about closing your eyes and seeing a temporary imprint. I will definitely use that as a tool in my art. Where did you learn that?

Britni, awwwww come spend the day with me!!! I'd love it. I'm glad I didn't bore you to death. Girl, I read your blog almost everyday and you're hard to keep up with. Miss mover and shaker. :) Sorry I don't always post, but I'm there.

Bob, I'm such the art teacher, huh? Actually I enjoy what I do so that makes it fun for me. Plus, I like to talk about it. And as for the pole thing, I always have told my husband I would like pole dancing lessons.
1. I think I could be in a class, but the problem is that most likely the teacher would have no clue where to begin with me.
2. I might rip my arm off going around the pole.
3. If you run across lessons that might be suitable for me, I'm all over it. (yes, the pole).

Kevhem, thanks for the encouragement.

Eternal List,I know what you thought, I intended it that way. :)

eva said...

This was a great post, I really enjoyed hearing you talk about the way you paint - it's really inspiring, do more videos like this!!

Jake lara said...

The imprint on your closed eyes thing just occurred to me yesterday so I can't back it up with science or anything, Tho I know my mind ignores after images in preference to what I see in front of me but not completely. And even in what we see in front of us light rays don't just come from one direction casting shadows they bounce around between objects. Anyway I like the way your paintings look, they're not just representational, they have personality.

sqweakygurl said...

Your painting is great. I really like it.

The hardest part for me when finishing something or starting something is laying the shadow down, i always mess it up, always ugh! But you did a great job