Friday, June 5, 2009

Beginning of a Painting

Excuse the morning look. Oh god, I'll never do that again!!! :)
In the video I'm referring to the painting below..... on the previous post.

I still don't have this video thing down yet.
I ended up using photo booth again, and as you'll see, it cut me off.
I tried imovie and I think I need to mess with it some more.
When I uploaded it to post, it was only 4 seconds long.
I thought I did good. The initial video worked well.
I must not have exported it to my desktop right.
Maybe I need to stick to photos and writing????


the eternal list said...

natural is natural, nothing wrong with that, there's too much makeup these days anyway!

i'm glad a work of your art sold, you're inspiring me to take up serious writing again and hope for the best

Bob said...

I'd stick with them all . . . pictures, writing and Vlogs. What's fascinating about this post is your description of how you apply the artistic process. Your video helps connects the lines for me on how you get from there to here with a painting. Thanks for sharing. I loved it . . . and you don't look bad in the morning, Laroo. Always beautiful.

Richard said...

Another good video. It was kind of dark. a frontal light would help. You have a sexy voice.

Jake lara said...

Yay for weird!! :) please stick with the video, including it with the pics and text because it just adds so much more to your blog.

eva said...

It's so much fun to see a video of you! It totally gives me more of an impression of who you are than a photo. What a good idea to draw the things you want to add to the painting on a transparent paper! I hope to see more of your work in progress:)