Thursday, June 11, 2009

Projects Update

We finished refurbishing the chairs. (The before pics,shown in a May post)

The murphy bed is coming along and actually is looking like a cabinet.
We have beat it up, by using the dremel, hitting it with a hammer, chiseling it.
We want it to look old. (Mexican country, to be exact)
We have started a painting process in which a friend of ours has taught us.
Right now the whole thing is stained grey, then you put on this leather glue (which makes the paint crack), then next is the red paint, followed by a wash of acrylic burnt umber paint. Then a sealer is applied. This process is a little overwhelming, but I think it'll be so well worth it.
There is a lot of details to be added to the top and bottom to dress it out.
I've gotten strap hinges and antique door pulls from ebay, that are for looks.


Gray said...

The chairs look great! And I cant wait to see the end result of the bed. =)

Richard said...

The chairs are beautiful. It is hard to envision what the murphy bed will look when finished.
projects like this are to time consuming for me. I don't have the patience anymore.

Bob said...

Cool. Are these chairs for you/hubby or might they be for guests who stay for like a couple of months?