Sunday, June 28, 2009

Erotic Circus

Friday night we took the Metrolink to downtown LA to see Cirque Berzerk

We went with friends and a cousin from Maryland that was staying with us. This show is under the big top and is kind of a cross between goth and french burlesque. It's dark, but not scary. It's basically the circus gone wrong. We all loved it, not sure about the cousin though. It was sexual in an unconventional way, which is just so me. I was so incredibly stimulated by the loud crazy music and energy. There was no sexual discrimination, there was guy/girl, girl/girl, guy/guy scenes. (no actual sex, but it was in your face..erotic). It definitely got me hot and bothered.

After we got home, we went to bed. Cousin in bedroom right next to ours.
Hmmmmmm, that's not good.
He kisses me and pushes me back, his hand slips down into my panties, I giggle.
He says, Shhhhhhh.
He starts rubbing my clit, and I moan.
He says, Shhhhhh.
He grabs a handful of hair at the nape of my neck and pulls down towards the small of my back.
Instant wetness.
I can't even describe the intense feeling I had not being able to make a noise.
He guided me into positions, all the time holding my head back with my hair.
Both of us came different times.... pretty much in silence.
That was a new experience for me, because this girl is a screamer, giggler, and moaner.
That is how I let myself go, be free and reach the big O.
But this was different, and I liked it.
I knew I absolutely could not make any noise, so in that sense it was a restraint.
Restraint seems to do it for me.


Gray said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! I so suck at not making any noises. Unless my face is buried in the pillow *laughs* You did better then I did!

13messages said...

I loved picturing your bliss. Beautifully shared.

Bob said...

Ohhhhh, sounds so very good. Wifey holds "it" in . . . says that it makes for an intense orgasm. Maybe you've stumbled on something. . .

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I had to relearn to make noise again after being in college, living with roommates, and all the stuff that comes with that! I had almost forgotten how to be loud. Now, it's a challenge to be quiet. I've stopped trying with The Bruiser's roommates. They've just accepted that if we're fucking, they're gonna hear it.