Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saddle Up

Fantasy based thoughts are engulfing my little mind today. I've actually made myself wet a couple times today with my own kinky thoughts. I worked the gallery today and for the life of me couldn't paint because thoughts of all kinds of sexual goings on were taking over.
Being tied up, but not like usual with straps to the bed post. But ropes cinched around each boob, around my waist, pulled taught against my pussy and ass. My arms tied down at my sides and legs straddled around some kind of saddle. All the while people rubbing oil over my tightly bound body. Teasing me with objects they might put in me. Treating me kindly but with a sense of force that drove me into a crazy mess.
So here I sit on the couch after dinner thinking wow, where do these thoughts come from. Yeah, it does turn me and it somewhat scares me at the same time. Am I freaky? Do other people have these kind of thoughts? 


Jake lara said...

No your not freaky, both sexes get them, I do. In mine I'm usually the person doing the tormenting and there are websites like Hogtied dedicated to these fantasies. I think kink is just a logical expression of wanting to be sexually dominant or submissive, Our libido is like the software we need to play at sex, It comes with preloaded ideas, they're not ideas we've thought of ourselves and when we allow those thoughts into our conscious mind we get rewarded with arousal. Proof that these thoughts are preloaded is that there so predictable and the same fantasies come up all through history in unrelated cultures, Their not related to our personalities either, I mostly get dominant fantasies but I'm not a dominant person. People don't normally talk about them so thanks for sharing.

Richard said...

You aren't the only one with kinky dreams. I can see your getting wet with your dream.

Bob said...

Unless it involves animals or children, everything is fair game in the world of sex. Don't worry about what you want. . . enjoy it. Just do it.

La Roo said...

Jake, thank you for sharing with me. Yeah, you know I've seen that hogtied and that's basically what I'm talking about. It just does crazy things to me to see it and think about it. Your right these kind of fantasies seem pretty predictable and probably because I have seen these types of senarios. I guess your brain holds on to what turns it on.

Richard, glad to hear your kinky also. Yeah, I let myself get carried away sometimes.

Bob, you sound like you speak from some good experience.???
I guess I just wonder how far reality is from fantasy.
I know, as far as I make it, huh?
How far with I let myself go?
I love sex.

sweetie said...

You're a normal sexual woman. Just enjoy.. and maybe turn the fantasy into reality

The world according to Gaz said...

Sounds pretty normal to me, if only a bit kinky but normal just the same

La Roo said...

Sweetie and Gaz, I feel pretty normal and defintely in the right situation I would go for it.

C said...

i fantasize all the time, laroo. stuff that makes me blush too much to write down. if you can, carry them out.... and have fun!


An Artist Exposed said...

Not freaky at all... I have those thoughts pretty much every day - but I do the tying ;-)