Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tedious Times

Getting ready for our mini masterpiece show. I've done 18 pieces in total so far. These are either 2 inch by 2 inch or 3 inch by 3 inch. We are hanging the whole gallery in these for our May show.
Some of these take as much time as a large painting.


Bob said...

I was going to post, NICE COCK! in reference to the rooster paintings but decided to mind my P's and Q's, be a gentleman and not place that here. Oh dear, I just did.

Anyway, love, love, love your work. You truly have a gift, Laroo.

Jake said...

thats a really neat idea. I don't know if your going to hang them like that but I like the look of all the small paintings together, positioning them to form a composition is like painting with paintings, some of the thumbnail pages at ISM can look really beautiful as an image in their own right.

eva said...

miniature paintings DOES take a lot of time! i find that it sometimes is as hard to do as massive paintings. soo many tiny details.. but yet people value big paintings more? argh annoying!
all the miniature paintings look really good together.. do you ever do self portraits? just a thought that crossed my mind as there's a lot of photographic self potraits in your blog, and i like them.

C said...

very nice work, laroo. i can see how it would be more work to do the smaller ones...
i think you are right smack in the middle of doing and being who you are and why you are here, right now. enjoy it, its all for you.


La Roo said...

Bob, hubby teases me about doing cocks and cars. And I don't like you minding your P's & Q's. That's no fun. And thanks.

Jake actually we are going to hang them individually. I do have a couple triptychs which will hang together. One of the artists doing this has a 25 block piece that as a whole is a bird of paradise. Yep you are right about the ISM thumbnails making a beautiful image in themselves.

Eva,I want to see your work. Have you done Itty Bitties? I haven't done a self portrait, I just really haven't put much thought to it. Maybe someday?

C, Thanks, Yeah this is the good place and I'm wallowing in it. Thanks for pointing it out, sometimes you forget to take it all in. :)

So in the meantime of getting ready for this upcoming show at our own gallery, I entered two of my pieces in the student show at my college. Because I have been painting them in class. Friday night I went to the opening reception with some family and friends to check out all the work and support my artist friends. To my surprise, I was presented with an award for the "Gallery director's Choice". I had no clue. Wow, what fun!! Just thought I'd share.

Bob said...

Bob is ready for that salute. . . any time. .. :)

eva said...

i have a blog where i post art stuff i do.. and some craft. i've done loads of mini things lately, and some more serious mini paintings ages ago. i made a post in my art and craft blog about it - just for you;) check it out: